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Putting the Hammer Down on Evil Creatures

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 8, 2011

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Thor: God of Thunder is just another movie tie game in right? Maybe not.
Unlike other games of the genre, the makers of this game put a lot of thought and imagination into the product.
You play as Thor, and after you accidentally unleash a powerful monster that invades his home of Asguard, it’s up to you to get home and stop it. But to do so, he has to demolish all sorts of bad guys - from ice demons to fire demons to trolls to the formally imprisoned beast
To do so, you get all sorts of goodies. First, you get the hammer that can unleash lighting and wind powers. Second, you can pick up other abilities along the way by finding hidden runes throughout each level or by leveling up after defeating a certain number of enemies.
These abilities include improved melee damage, getting health from trapping enemies in a whirlwind or other special moves. Utilizing these powers and abilities to smite those varied enemies is a heck of a lot of fun. It also puts some strategy in play - you can’t select every ability that you get; some powers you have to put aside.
The controls take a short while to get used to, but it’s not too long before I was unleashing my fury on evildoers.
The game took me about eight hours (on Medium), which is a good run time - and after you finish, you can fight each type of monster separately in challenge stages or watch a cartoon show called The Avengers featuring Thor (but you only get to see part of the story - the rest is left out.)
But this game has some problems - mostly dealing with level design. Some levels went on far, far too long, and beating the same sets of enemies can get tiresome.
But these are small complaints given that I found the game fun, and it’s only $40, not the $50 that games like this usually cost. Thor, the game, the Wii version is worth a rent - and fans of this style of game might want to buy it.

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Short, but fun

posted by magicmikassa (ARLINGTON, MA) May 10, 2011

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Thor: God of Thunder for the Wii isn't a great looking game (it is on the Wii after all). It has terrible cut scenes that are just drawings of the characters with voice overs. The story is very, very, simple and not very good. The game is also very, very, short clocking in at around 4 or 5 hours. That said, due to the good use of the Wiimote and good variety of attacks the game is actually fun to play.

There are basically two different kinds of levels you will encounter. One is the standard walk around and beat people up action levels of the game. The other levels are where you fly around and have to target and shoot at things with the Wiimote. There are also bosses at various points in the game.

Thor is incredibly easy because it saves frequently so when you die you never go back too far. It is also not very easy to die. Even if you do, there are infinite lives so you never get a true game over or even have to restart a whole level.

It is the easy aspect of the game and the fun combat that make Thor a worthy rental. The lack of good story and lack of variety in levels makes it not worth a buy. The short length is actually a blessing as the game doesn't overstay its welcome. Overall, perhaps the perfect rental game, but not a great game by any means.

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Very Good

Excellent Use of Motion Controls

posted by JP209 (MERCED, CA) Jun 9, 2011

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I haven't tapped the surface to this game yet. Yes - the takeaways are a little corny - yes the story is too long... But - when you raise a few levels... what YOU do truly becomes what Thor does... swing your arms to the side, he will clear the room! Uppercut, and lift the enemy into the air, swing to the side to hit him in the air, and slam down to finish with a hammer blow.. wow! what a stress reliever! Please note I am not a hardcore gamer. I just starting playing games again because of the wii's intuitive motion technology... I bought it for my 5 year old son and he loves it, but now, so do I!

I review the game again after I play longer. One thing I did notice is once the characters get harder (or you get tired) it IS a little harder for your exact movements to be his movements. It seems the more difficulty, the more precise you have to be on the buttons.

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