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Bad Planning Weakens an Intriguing Idea

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 2, 2010

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Thinksmart: Family poses an interesting idea - try your hand at several exercises that will help improve your memory and cognitive functions.
After getting through a very long load screen, you can make your avatar and check into the front office. But when I got a look at the place, I thought I was checking into a Spa Retreat (would you like a full body massage while you compute numbers?)
From the front desk, you can directly select the exercises in single player mode, play multiplayer, undertake physical exercises, take a daily quiz or take the THINK quotient (another quiz).
There are 18 different minigames that are divided into six groups: Visual, Language, Logic, Math, Memory and Perception. The game’s goals range from determining a letter from the “feel” of the Wiimote to sorting luggage by the letter on the baggage’s tag to memorizing a poem to computing a math problem. Each minigame has three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal and Hard.
In single player mode, you can take these minigames one at a time.
In multiplayer mode, you take on a set number of mini games in three ways. The first is a race to see who finishes all the games first, the second is a category style game show and the last is where the first team or player to fail a minigame loses
As for the physical exercises (sit ups, side bends) - let's just say they didn't work at all for me and move on.
The THINK quotient and daily quiz are nothing more than a large grouping of the 18 minigames the player has to go through. These two games can take some time.
Right off, we get the next problem: this game can get confusing with all the modes of play. Accessing a certain exercise can get tough because the game doesn’t directly tell you where to go; you have to wave the Wiimote about to find the right spot(s).
As for the minigames themselves, they are a mixed bag.
Fans of puzzlers will like Thinksmart: Family, but I found it to be just okay. RENT IT.

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Dissapointment abounds

posted by leader1 (BLACK EARTH, WI) Jul 18, 2010

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This game did not live up to the description. It was unentertaining, and down right boring. I couldn't even convince my kids to try it they thought it looked so boring. I played through all the exercises on easy and on hard to make sure that I was giving the game a fair shake....didn't improve with difficulty. I definitely would not recommend this game for rental or purchase.

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Think Again!

posted by DeltronDon (HONOLULU, HI) Aug 15, 2010

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Wasn't what we were hoping for. When it comes to brain-training games, nothing beats "Brain Age." Not worth the rental!

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