Rent Thief for PS4
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Average, but disappointing.

posted by Goobins (PITTSBURGH, PA) Jul 17, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

I like stealth games, but somehow this one just wasn't very appealing.

Movement was too limited as far as climbing and jumping around from rooftops. Too much repetitive stuff and time-wasting movement requirements (mash button to move wooden beam in alley, mash button to jimmy up a window then open it, etc.).

I played on hard (did not finish it--got bored) and AI was too dumb. I just get really frustrated when guards see you or a dead body in the courtyard of a very secure castle or other area and if you just wait 10-15 seconds they go back to their oblivious selves.

Story might have been somewhat interesting, but it moved too slowly, so it's hard to actually stay interested. Side tasks are tedious.

Oh well, I'm afraid a lot of the first bunch of PS4 releases were kind of "rushed to market" and don't do the PS4 justice.

Let's all hope that the later releases do a better job!

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GF Rating

Very Good

such a great find!

posted by jhvoorhies (TEXARKANA, TX) Jul 16, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

So I've been playing this for about a week now and I liked it so much that I purchased it. That says a lot right there.
This game has SO MANY negative reviews and I'm not sure why. This is a STEALTH game. If you're looking for Halo or Assassins creed, this isn't it obviously.
This game is about being a thief. The graphics are great and the controller responds to how visible you are. It's great. It's not too simple and there are multiple different strategies that you can take to complete each mission. I personally enjoy pickpocketing people then using the takedown move or kill them. The story isn't that strong, but it is slightly a mystery.
If you enjoy being a thief in skyrim or if you enjoyed splinter cell, this game is for you. It's made by square enix so you already know that it will be at least worth playing.
Follow my advice and give this game a shot. Its slow at first but you'll love it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great title

posted by HollywoodH88ter (ROYALTON, MN) Jul 15, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

Great game grows on you few annoying trophies but over all I enjoyed it

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