Rent Thief for PS4
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Solid, doest pretend to be what its not

posted by frankdivore (DAVIS, CA) Mar 21, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Ok, so if you are bothering to read any of the reviews on this game let me say this, please keep an open min. First, this is not Assassins Creed, nor, is it and open world game where you run around stealing whatever you want. It is a story based game that is linear….yes the dreaded word for gamers these days LINEAR….however thats not a bad thing IF you have an open mind. It doest misrepresent…there was nobody telling you it was an open world explorer game….people just went into it expecting that because it makes sense that being thief means you get to do what you want. You don't. That is not a bad thing. Infact the game would be rather terrible as an open world game due to the worst feature of the entire title which is the multitude of loading screens when you go from one area to the next…really the downfall of the game is the loading screens. The game play and story are both entertaining and i am enjoying the play through. Great game to gamely because yeah there is not a lot of replay value here unless you like increasing your percentages on levels, which some people do. Over all its a good game, graphics are decent at times and kinda meh at others but its not bad to look at. Some entertaining cut scenes and rather cool environments make for a fun story narrative driven game that doesn't pretend to be what its detractors claim it isn't. So its major downfall is the loading screens and at times pointlessly frustrating and confusing map layouts that make the simple task of pushing a lever require me to google a walk-through. So I give it a 7 because its really a good bit of fun…however if i had purchased it this review would probably be a lot less open minded. So last bit of advice is that THIS KIND OF GAME IS PERFECT TO RENT. Enjoy.

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GF Rating

Very Good

VERY much like Dishonored

posted by DINGLExBERRY (LAS VEGAS, NV) Mar 19, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

I can't believe no one has made comparison to that game. You CAN go all rampage in this game, but it's made to be stealthy. For a next gen game, it was a bit disappointing (graphics and limitations of what you can do), the gameplay a bit repetitive, but what I like about this game that Dishonored lacked is that it has several high-adrenaline portions where you sprint through collapsing/exploding buildings, etc.

HOWEVER, despite my disappointment of this game, there is one thing I LOVED about it... and that is a certain chapter that caught me off guard:

Most of the game is very similar, but then you get to a Chapter that is SO SCARY that it has frightened me more than any horror game I've ever played (including Silent Hill series). What's amazing about it is that you don't expect it, and then it happens, a whole Chapter of horror, and it's bad enough that I had difficulty playing it alone at night. Just for that Chapter and that Chapter alone, I had to bump up the rating from 7 to 8.

Overall, with the shortage of PS4 games available, just get it, even if you won't enjoy it as much as you'd hope, it's still better than nothing and not a bad play.

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posted by Kekebean (DEERFIELD BEACH, FL) Mar 17, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

Probably the most boring game I've rented so far for the PS4, no hand-to-hand combat (you use a stick/club...), and ALL you do is stay stealthed and take items, and the game has bad checkpoints if you die or fail.

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