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GF Rating


Just did not live up to potential

posted by Duckie_313 (CARDINGTON, OH) Mar 30, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

While this game is not terrible by any means, it does leave much more to be desired. At times, the stealth aspect of the game was fun. The looting system was somewhat rewarding, though repetitive. The large impressive city you peer out at is really not very open to exploration. The graphics feel almost black and white and are void of any color. The storyline lacked depth, and I never really felt connected to the main character. I can't help but feel that this game was an inferior version of the great game "Dishonored". I was leaning towards giving this game a "6", but the uninspiring game play combined with the drab textures made me settle at a "5".

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Above Average

A Little Meh

posted by mccracker (PEARLAND, TX) Mar 22, 2014

Member since Jan 2011

I hadn't played any of the previous Thief games so I didn't really have any expectations going into it. All I knew of it was the vid from the commercial that played a few months back when they were pushing it. When I popped it in and the same vid played on my own PS4 I was really floored by just how poor the quality of it was compared to what I saw on tv. Not only was it of a much poorer quality but it also had a touch of lag to it as well. It kept that lag throughout almost all of the vid sequences for me.

As far as the gameplay went I would say it was ok. I tend to go more for the aggressive hero sort of games when you can take on just about anything head on, but this definitely isn't that. God be with you if you decide to take someone on head on with your stick. It was a pretty small "world" so it usually didn't take too long to get from one point to another but the lack of a fast travel was pretty annoying. You had to keep avoiding the same soldiers over and over again as they would respawn.

By the time I got to the end I was really ready for it to be over and had no desire to go back to do any further exploring. I kept this game a few weeks widdling away at it and I rarely spend that much time with one in my hands. The time wasn't spent playing it but more like putting off playing it because it wasn't a real attention grabber for me.

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GF Rating


Solid, doest pretend to be what its not

posted by frankdivore (DAVIS, CA) Mar 21, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Ok, so if you are bothering to read any of the reviews on this game let me say this, please keep an open min. First, this is not Assassins Creed, nor, is it and open world game where you run around stealing whatever you want. It is a story based game that is linear….yes the dreaded word for gamers these days LINEAR….however thats not a bad thing IF you have an open mind. It doest misrepresent…there was nobody telling you it was an open world explorer game….people just went into it expecting that because it makes sense that being thief means you get to do what you want. You don't. That is not a bad thing. Infact the game would be rather terrible as an open world game due to the worst feature of the entire title which is the multitude of loading screens when you go from one area to the next…really the downfall of the game is the loading screens. The game play and story are both entertaining and i am enjoying the play through. Great game to gamely because yeah there is not a lot of replay value here unless you like increasing your percentages on levels, which some people do. Over all its a good game, graphics are decent at times and kinda meh at others but its not bad to look at. Some entertaining cut scenes and rather cool environments make for a fun story narrative driven game that doesn't pretend to be what its detractors claim it isn't. So its major downfall is the loading screens and at times pointlessly frustrating and confusing map layouts that make the simple task of pushing a lever require me to google a walk-through. So I give it a 7 because its really a good bit of fun…however if i had purchased it this review would probably be a lot less open minded. So last bit of advice is that THIS KIND OF GAME IS PERFECT TO RENT. Enjoy.

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