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Very Good

Better Than Most Reviews Give it Credit For

posted by scorp321 (MENTOR, OH) Apr 17, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Thief is a pretty good action/adventure game. As an adult gamer, I found it to be pretty entertaining & appropriately challenging. It's not perfect, but not terrible either. If you liked the other Thief games & ones like Dishonored etc., then you may like this as well. Then environment is great. The missions are pretty good. The gameplay is fun. I'm not the biggest stealth fan, but I found the stealth elements challenging & fun- not impossible as in some games. There are some downsides as you can't climb everything, and I wish there were more houses/rooms to break into to steal things. Overall, I'd definitely recommend it- but I'd try to get it cheaper than retail- which I try to do for every game!

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GF Rating


One of the biggest disappointments of 2014

posted by Ravynheart (LOUISVILLE, KY) Apr 14, 2014

Member since Oct 2006

I hate having to write a review this bad, about a game I had such high hopes for. Any fans of it's predecessor, Thief: Deadly Shadows, will be sickened by this game.

The overall gameplay, is terrible. The story is, lacking. The graphics are, ok. The controls are clunky. The game itself is also quite glitchy. The map is infuriating.

The storyline, from what little I understand, makes little to no sense, from day 1. The ending, well, I still don't understand it, weeks after beating the game.

The controls, just were not thought out well. Using the touch pad on the PS4, which is highly sensitive, to change between many different items, just, doesn't work. I found myself fighting with the touch pad to get the item I wanted, which took me out of the game because it took so long each time. Quite often just a tiny shift on the thumbstick would cause Garret to jump off the roof to one side, instead of clearing the railing in front of him.

The map is the worst I have ever seen in any game, EVER. It will show you that your objective it two stories above you. But will not show that you need to backtrack 3 screens in one direction to get to the only entrance in the back of your objective. Sometimes it will mark the location of a storyline item, and said item will not be even remotely close to the marker.

The glitches in the game are maddening. Game-ending glitches. I've had a ladder glitch so that I was doing the animation to climb, yet going nowhere, completely stuck at the bottom. I've also had a storyline mission glitch where 3 ropes were supposed to be hanging for me to escape on, yet none were there. I had to completely shut the game off and redo the mission before they showed up for me.

Sadly, I wish they had simply ported the previous Thief to the next gen consoles. It would have been extremely more entertaining.

Save your money, and your time. Pass this one up completely.

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GF Rating

Above Average

this is why you rent from GF

posted by truedat (NORWICH, CT) Apr 14, 2014

Member since Apr 2011

haven't played the game yet but reading most of these posts it's about 50/50 like/dislike. these are the reasons you rent from GF before you buy. anyone on here said they bought this game and hated it, well your here and already know what you should have done. thnx GF for a wonderful service and saving me tons of cash.

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