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Thief: Not a worthy successor

posted by nomad0819 (BOYNTON BEACH, FL) Apr 13, 2014

Member since Apr 2014


- Its a stealth title.
- I liked the idea of the custom difficulty settings. For example you can modify the settings to enable or disable focus, change the cost of items, disable item shimmer, remove quest compass,ect


- Level design is very linear unlike the first two games in the series which had fairly open mission maps with many places to explore.
- The story does not feel complete and it seems that they cut a lot of the content they originally planned and did not do a good job bridging the missions due to the cut content.
- The world feels empty. Between missions you can explore the city but if feels like there are more guards than citizens on the streets. I understand it a limitation due to hardware but it does not feel natural.
- The amount of times the games has to load new areas is frustrating.
- Audio has many issues for example you cannot reliably use guards footsteps as a indicator of their position or movement as in the previous games due too the audio glitches. I had to reset my console at one point due when the audio stopped altogether and locked up the system.

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Below Expextations

posted by THATCATOGUY (BAINBRIDGE, GA) Apr 13, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

Was quite excited for the release of this game, however with its snail game pace and major hick ups... it only drove me to want to play Dishonored again.

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Could have, should have, but fail

posted by Deebo22 (GREENWOOD, IN) Apr 8, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

I must confess. I had true hopes for this title. Unfortunately, it fell short. Scratch that, it plummeted into purgatory.
The characters left something to be desired. I wasnt sure what to make of the main character at all. Good or bad just gemme a direction please. Supporting cast is even worse. "Hi Im such and such. Do these missions and Ill give you stuff" repeat. They didnt make me feel involved or engaged at all. Honestly, I would have preferred a mail service sent by an anonymous client to complete missions.
Graphics wise. It has moments and then those moments are trumped by worse moments. Most of the time I thought I was playing a later PS2 title.
Sound fx. Man it kills me when this is the strong point to a title. Even though the characters are mostly pointless. The voice casting is top notch. People sound cool as do all the trivial sounds. Torches, lock picking, birds, voices, the score. Just sounds beautiful. Sad but true.
Gameplay. Oh man, sigh. I cant even begin. With titles like Hitman, Deus Ex, and Just Cause under their belts. I couldnt believe this is what they produced. Fighting is pointless. Same animation of hitting an enemy over and over till rendered unconscious. Really. Lock picking is ok. Disarming traps meh, ok. Shooting flaming arrows or water arrows. Thats really it. Thats the gameplay.
All in all. This could, it should have been way more. Just more of anything. I dont care which direction of anything just anything. Story, gameplay, characters, graphics. Thief stole 10 hours of my life I really wish I had back. If this is a first of something more to come. Im afraid this revamp of a long since gone title is soon to join its predecessors. As always thanks or in this case sorry for your time. Game on!

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