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This Game Isn't For Everyone

posted by TORKED (HOUSTON, TX) Aug 11, 2014

Member since Jun 2013

This game is all about patience and timing It has action but it comes in slow spurts. Few gamers will like this title because of it. It is purely a thief game not a combat game. If you get seen you are usually dead. He can't fight at all. The controls are difficult and take patience to learn. I understand where the negative commentors are coming from and almost gave up on it myself. If you have patience and get over the learning curve. It is a fun game.

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Tediousness leading to being unplayable.

posted by BigPlayTeeOh (CAMERON PARK, CA) Jul 23, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

First off I'd like to say I am usually very committed to finishing single player games(hence being a gamefly customer). With that said, Thief was one of the few games in the past 5 years I had to return without completely finishing it.

I'll keep this short and sweet with a pros/cons list.

The Pros:

-Decent combat system(although this isn't a combat game)
-Pretty cool gadgets with weapons such as a choke arrow or something as innovative as a water arrow
-Beautiful graphics
-Solid upgrade system

And now for the long list of cons deeming this game unplayable:

-Very poor map design(it would take so long to actually find a path with an open door all while trying to avoid the many guards in the street)
-Tedious tasks that aren't even worth the reward
-Slow and often-occurring load times
-Confusing objective points on the map
-Dull story that gives you almost no motivation to keep playing
-Unintelligent AI(I was actually able to load up my bow with an arrow and an enemy just stood there watching me while I put one between his eyes)

I had very high hopes for Thief. It is actually the first game I played since renewing my membership. However the poor gameplay, story, and level design made it impossible for me to complete the game.

I do not recommend this game unless you have a very high patience threshold. I played it for 6 hours and barely made any progress because of the confusing map, unrewarding side quests, and horrible tracking system.

In the end a very hyped up game due to a previously successful series fell victim to the modern world of gaming in which it just couldn't keep up.


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Thief 2014 ps3

posted by xpart123 (KANSAS CITY, MO) Jul 21, 2014

Member since Jun 2008

Eidos Montreal did a good job with this game.don't expect
something next gen next gen but if your just wanting to play a new game then give it a shot.Rent before you buy
Just helpful hint.

Graphics on ps3 7/10

Audio 7/10

Story 8/10

Gameplay 6.8/10

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