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Really Bad


posted by braden_82 (PEORIA, IL) Mar 4, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

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I was really looking forward to this game. It has a great premise and had a lot of promise. Unfortunately there is a lot lacking with this game. It is not very fluid and can be kind of choppy even with the most basic functions of being a thief. The "thief" has a terrible time climbing on objects such as crates and barrels. After trying a few times to climb up, he finally gets his arthritic knees going and gets on to the objects. There are other barrels that he cannot climb on (parameter of this limited game) and just about every building is not climbable (cannot scale). Also, the first person view point is reminiscent of the original "Wolfenstein" and has just about the same maneuverability but with less action. The character also has the fighting skills of Napoleon Dynamite. Which might be ok for a game based on hiding and being in shadows but a character that has been a thief for years should have picked up a few hand to hand combat skills. If you are spotted, the character is not fast enough to evade very often and is too clumsy to fight back and win. Simply put: weak game, weak controls, weak game play and simply looks and plays like a computer game from 1991.

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It wanted to be the game "Dishonored" and failed.

posted by GreyOgre (DAYTON, OH) Mar 14, 2014

Member since Jun 2010

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I will let everyone know right now that I am not an old fan of the "Thief" games and that this experience has generally been my first impression of it. That being said, I am reviewing this game based on it's own merits in comparison to my personal experiences of playing video games as a whole and immediately what struck me in the face was that it was clearly attempting a disturbingly similar scenario to another game that came out recently.

As someone who knows nothing about, "Thief"'s history, setting or story, this could be a bizarre coincidence, but the plot was identical to the game "Dishonored". Normally this wouldn't bother me, but since the end result was pretty weak in every other way; I was unimpressed with "Thief".

The story and setting of "Thief" follows the game "Dishonored" almost exactly; A gritty Steampunk world where everyone is slowly dying from a mysterious plague that only seems to effect the downtrodden and greatly abused lower classes of a dirty city, while the rich elites politically scheme against each other and try to gather more power than they could possibly need. Your main outlaw character loses a young woman he feels responsible for and uses stealth to attempt to find her after a supernatural accident occurs and elite rich people steal her in the end, "Thief" isn't even about thievery really. zero points for any attempt on new or original plot devices.

As for stealth gameplay mechanics... I'll give it a "5" because they were passable, but honestly nothing really new to make this title stand out not to mention that horrible enemy AI along with bad sound design really took away from any sense of immersion of the game. It's really hard to feel like a slick and witty thief when the guard fails to figure out how to chase you around a crate or can be heard on the other side of the level.

If you want to feel like a "thief", I'd recommend something else because there are better games that can give you a better expe

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posted by fbgod05 (WARREN, MI) Mar 6, 2014

Member since Sep 2012

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

what could of been a great story turned into repeat gameplay that was lame

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