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Thief: Deadly Shadows

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Gameplay Controls

Thief: Deadly Shadows



- Avoid toe-to-toe combat. Guards are tough. Use stealth to defeat them.
- Hide in the shadows and avoid bright areas.
- Use the Light Gem to see how visible you are. If it appears dark, you're practically invisible to nearby opponents. If it's bright, you're partially or fully visible.
- Be silent! Your footsteps are quiet when you move slowly and avoid loud surfaces like metal. Avoid stumbling over boxes or barrels.
- Observe your opponent's patterns before you move. To avoid being caught, move when your enemy's back is turned.
- To assess stealthiness, listen closely to your opponent. A suspicious person voices concern and starts searching for you. Move carefully away and find a good hiding spot. If you are well- hidden, your opponent will give up the search soon enough.
- Opponents oblivious to your presence can be knocked out with a single hit. Sneak up behind the enemy, then attack with the blackjack, dagger or broadhead arrow.
- If you need to create shadows, use a Water Arrow to extinguish torches or small fires.


- If you pick up a body or useless item, "Nothing" appears in the item or weapon slot on the interface. You can't select or use anything until your drop or throw that item. You cna't drop loot or anything valuable, just junk.
- Continuing to pull the Right Trigger for any length of time zooms in, but eventually causes your arm to shake with fatigue. This upsets your aim.
- To drop a selected item at your feet, gently pull the Left Trigger.
- Look for elemental crystals in fireplaces, pipes, trees and other obscure spots.
- Move the Right Thumbstick to check for approaching guards or enemies while you are cracking a lock.
- Controller vibratio is on by default. The harder the controller vibrates, the closer you are to the "sweet spot."
- Once you find the sweet spot, pull the Left or Right Triggers to quickly spin the tumbler to the unlocked position.
- To see what you've picked up so far, pause the game, select Gear, then Loot.
- To sell loot, head west from your apartment in the City and find a fence.

Fences and Stores can also be a good source of information, sometimes even hinting at thieving jobs available in the city.

- To enter a mission, look for a floating glyph outside of a building or door. Use it to start that mission.

Directional Pad Lean left or right. Up/Down = Zoom mechanical eye view in/out. Change highlighted menu item.
Left Thumbstick Move forward, backward or sideways.
Right Thumbstick Rotate view or tilt camera angle.
A Button Use door/button/lever or pick up/drop item in your center view. Drop body or worthless item. Select highlighted menu item.
B Button Toggle wall flattening mode. Return arrow to quiver.
X Button Crouch down.
Y Button Jump (press and hold to mantle).
White Button Select next item. (To cycle, press the White Button while moving the Left Thumbstick).
Black Button Select next weapon. (To cycle, press the Black Button while moving the Left Thumbstick).
Left Trigger Use selected inventory item. Throw away worthless item. Equip flash bomb (if no item is selected).
Right Trigger Use selected weapon. Equip dagger (if no weapon is selected). Throw away worthless item.
Start Display Pause Menu (only in missions or the City).
Back Switch between first- and third-person view. Close active menu.