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Thief: Deadly Shadows

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Excellent Stealth Adventure

posted by Cloud0426 (MARANA, AZ) Apr 4, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

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Thief: Deadly Shadows is a shining gem in the dark quagmire of stealth and sneaking games, the vast majority of which are good for little other than serving as paperweights. Theif's few weak areas are easily overlooked, and its strengths are innumerable. For someone like me, who is extraordinarily picky about games, such an outstanding achievement cannot go unplayed.
I'd like to get the bad stuff out of the way first; Thief only has three things that could be improved on, none of which are severe. First, the load times are a bit too long and frequent, but given how old the game is, this is understandable. Secondly, I experienced occasional audio errors; characters would lose the ability to speak, the sound of footsteps would disappear - reloading a saved game fixed this problem. Lastly, there are some places where the collision detection could use some work. I got stuck in a wall three times, but with a gameplay time of 20 hours, that's not too bad.
On the positive side, Thief's graphics are very good for their age, and the sound (when it works) is top notch, even if some of the city guards' one-liners are somewhat corny. The controls are smooth and easy to learn, as well as straightforward - no weird button combos or complicated sequences to worry about. The storyline is skillfully crafted, as the game begins with you simply stealing stuff for your own profit but evolves into a deep and intriguing plot of mistrust and betrayal. The emphasis on stealth is paramount; the quickest way to get yourself killed in this game is to run about willy-nilly like you're in an FPS. Sticking to the shadows, stepping quietly, and patiently learning how and where your enemies move are the keys to survival.
In short, I highly recommend Thief: Deadly Shadows to anyone looking for a game that is both long and enjoyable. I have not played the other two installments in the Thief series, but after this one, I certainly plan on it.

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Favorite XBOX Game Ever

posted by Lincon6ech (ALEDO, TX) Feb 11, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

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Medieval Stealth- Need I say anymore. The graphics are great the controls are easy to handle the store is awesome. I believe I have played the game all the way through about 10 times. Knocking out guards steailing jewels and artificats while staying in the shadows at all times this is a medieval splinter cell-What's not to love. Only one downside to the whole game far

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Very Good

'Deadly Shadows' how about 'Silent Shadows'

posted by swirly76 (MARYSVILLE, WA) Dec 25, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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first of all, this game, though backwards compatible with the xbox 360, doesn't run well on the 360. it's choppy, you can see certain things through walls, and is a little buggy (the music on the first level and the menu is totally bugged out. not music at all, just beeping). none of which do i remember when i originally played this on the first xbox.

so 'deadly shadows' is an inaccurate title. i believe it easier to not kill, whether that be using the blackjack and hiding bodies or just avoiding confrontation. needless to say, the AI in this game freaks if it sees dead bodies and (possibly?) blood. 'silent shadows' would be more appropriate as you are a thief, not a killer, though shooting a broadhead arrow right through some medieval creton's skull is delightful in its own way.

the Thief games were, IMO, better on the PC, and the addition of third person POV to this game actually makes the game easier, but not more fun in any way. i think this was to appeal to a larger audience of gamers who want the option of third person gaming or are not used to the first person view. it would have been better left out of the game.

this is better played a level or two a day. the constant hiding, waiting, looting, and pattern memorization/scouting just takes its toll. over and over and over it gets tiresome, but space it out and you're not wanting to throw the game away because you've been doing it for hours upon hours straight.

you steal things and don't get caught. pretty stealthy.
you're no match for just about any guard in a fair fight hand to hand
a little weird
only because the other Thief games were way better
stupid stupid stupid. just don't let one see or hear you whack another one of the NPC's. they run screaming 'bloody murder'

this game is a buy for anyone with an original xbox. you should pick up a used copy very cheaply. quite a few hours of stealthy goodness packed into this one.

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