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GF Rating


Gamefly's Disc Did Not Work

posted by dsane (AUSTIN, TX) Dec 16, 2014

Member since Jun 2011

Would love to play this game, but Gamefly's disc did not work in my system. I read online that it might be an error in the game's update -- it seems some people had issues with playing the game on the 1st play after the update had been installed, but some people were able to remove update, turn off their internet connection, and play the game for a bit, then update and everything worked fine. This solution didn't work for me because the system would not let me play it without the update. The system loads the splash screen, then goes to black, and won't let me go back to the Wii U menu without ejecting the disc and holding down the power button to do a hard reset of the system. I don't want to do that to my system any more, so after 3 failed attempts, I am giving up. This review was in no way affected by the gameplay, story, graphics, etc, because I didn't experience any of that stuff due to Gamefly's broken disc (or due to a bug in Nintendo's update system that won't allow me to boot from the updated version on my first play...not sure).

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GF Rating

Very Good

One of the best games for the console

posted by MxBxM (LAWRENCEVILLE, GA) Dec 15, 2014

Member since Jun 2011

This game is a must have for Wii U owners. It has one of the most varied gameplays in a ny game. Noy wanting to spoil anything, but there are sections that will make you play similar to other Nintendo franchises. Story, graphics, gameplay, characters, everything is outstanding. Those complaining about the controls are not skilled in games. The reason I say this is that yeah, the controls do need getting used to, but once you do, it feels natural and amazing. This game is difficult on Normal difficulty, so start on easy and work your way up.

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GF Rating


Highly Underrated

posted by jfildes (ELYRIA, OH) Nov 17, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

I bought this game at launch and I don't regret that purchase one bit. The game offers quite the challenge and is a wonderful action game. Its characters are over the top and charming but the game is definitely a fun time that reminds me of old Saturday morning cartoons. If you are looking for a challange and love action games then I highly suggest this one. It definitely has Platinum Games high level of polish and fun.

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