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wonderful 10/10

posted by dayote (EL PASO, TX) Nov 20, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

This game is off the charts on awesomeness! I wrote a review on Miiverse. Simply put "Awesome game! Full of humor, action, story, and amazing design, along with precise controls, booming audio, and awesome style! what more could a gamer want!!!" I truly believe this is one of the best games this year! I love the narration because, I love comic books and this has a very old school super hero motif to it. the vibrant colors are eye popping and work extremely well for this game. I have had no problems with the controls. Drawing on the gamepad is accurate and responsive, and is a good use of it I might add. the combat is fluid especially when you learn how to use multiple team build attacks at once! knowing how to use this skill becomes extremely important because the levels can get a bit difficult, especially some of the boss battles. By the way, the boss battles are extremely cinematic and jaw dropping, forcing you to use different techniques for one boss! In my opinion this is a very strong title that is completely underrated. A system seller if I've ever played one. 10/10

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Once again Platinum does it again.

posted by KRDras (MILFORD, IN) Nov 17, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

Once again, Platinum shows us how games are meant to be. In a market over saturated with 'gritty real' first and third person shooters, sports games, and all manner of 'interactive movies' with little or no control in the player's hands, this game, like all platinum games is a breath of fresh air.

Sure it isn't perfect, but neither are dreams. They are crazy things that entertain your mind while you're asleep; this game is a crazy thing that entertains you while you're awake. It has some minor difficulty curve issues, but the gameplay is so rewarding and the cutscenes are so good it makes you actually look forward to them.

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Wow, what a ride

posted by Element187 (ORLANDO, FL) Sep 23, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

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This is a game for gamers who love a challenge and don't have time for hand holding.

I was fairly put off by the demo, but watching a video on YouTube called "Wonderful 101 system" that really opened my eyes to the sheer brilliance of this game.

I thought I mastered this game at the 4 hour mark and then I learn something new and discover the combat gets even deeper. And from there it gets deeper yet again, able to keep humbling you each and every time you feel like you have mastered the intricate combat in this game.

The controls are fine, despite what some of the reviewers have claimed. Drawing on the gamepad screen is probably not going to be fast enough for most people, but this is where the right thumb stick comes into play. The right stick allows you to switch weapons or send-off AI controlled weapons (up to 4 at once) to rack up the combo scores at breakneck speeds, plus you can add one more weapon that you can control to rack up the combos even further, and if you get deep enough into the system, you will be able to juggle enemies in the air while continuously launching even more crazy attacks.

The replay value is ridiculously high. I can spend 6 hours replaying a single operation just mastering it trying to get platinum medals on every mission and still not feel the least bit bored because every fight can be approached from any angle and any strategy, the only limitation is your creativity. Warning the replay ability might be terrible for those with severe OCD, like me.

That’s just the gameplay side. The story is humorous and a joy to move through, as Hideki Kamiya’s over the top bombastic style shines through.

I will admit it is probably not for everyone, as the normal mode is probably going to be too hard for some, but it does have an ‘Easy’ and ‘Very Easy’ mode, which I haven’t tried out so I couldn’t comment on those modes.

This has been the best purchase I have made on the Wii U to date. Such a delight.

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