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Wow, what a ride

posted by Element187 (ORLANDO, FL) Sep 23, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

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This is a game for gamers who love a challenge and don't have time for hand holding.

I was fairly put off by the demo, but watching a video on YouTube called "Wonderful 101 system" that really opened my eyes to the sheer brilliance of this game.

I thought I mastered this game at the 4 hour mark and then I learn something new and discover the combat gets even deeper. And from there it gets deeper yet again, able to keep humbling you each and every time you feel like you have mastered the intricate combat in this game.

The controls are fine, despite what some of the reviewers have claimed. Drawing on the gamepad screen is probably not going to be fast enough for most people, but this is where the right thumb stick comes into play. The right stick allows you to switch weapons or send-off AI controlled weapons (up to 4 at once) to rack up the combo scores at breakneck speeds, plus you can add one more weapon that you can control to rack up the combos even further, and if you get deep enough into the system, you will be able to juggle enemies in the air while continuously launching even more crazy attacks.

The replay value is ridiculously high. I can spend 6 hours replaying a single operation just mastering it trying to get platinum medals on every mission and still not feel the least bit bored because every fight can be approached from any angle and any strategy, the only limitation is your creativity. Warning the replay ability might be terrible for those with severe OCD, like me.

That’s just the gameplay side. The story is humorous and a joy to move through, as Hideki Kamiya’s over the top bombastic style shines through.

I will admit it is probably not for everyone, as the normal mode is probably going to be too hard for some, but it does have an ‘Easy’ and ‘Very Easy’ mode, which I haven’t tried out so I couldn’t comment on those modes.

This has been the best purchase I have made on the Wii U to date. Such a delight.

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Absolute blast! Requires skill.

posted by Carl_Drogo (BOISE, ID) Sep 18, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

1 out of 1 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I am currently halfway through the game and have replayed multiple missions and I find myself at a loss as to how poor the game reviewing community is at learning how to play a game properly if it doesn't spell everything out for them (with the exception of destructoid which wrote a fantastic review of the game). My first time playing the demo I got the lowest rank twice in a row and was admittedly frustrated. Knowing the development team was behind the glory that was Okami and Viewtiful Joe, I stuck with it and I couldn't be happier.

This is a game for people who enjoy action or fighting games or inputting successive difficult combos and reading action on the screen. Don't be fooled by the style, it's not a laid back experience (on Normal anyways). Kind of like old school platformers, to do your best, you need to be familiar with the level's layout first, meaning, every level of this game will be far more enjoyable your second time through, assuming your knowledge and skill has grown by that point. (There's always mii-verse to help with that).

This is not a game to rent, plow through the campaign and send it back. This is a game for action lovers to feel like they're kids playing with the world's best playset and for people like me who don't have the best dexterity but are willing to practice.

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posted by mrburnstick (WEST RICHLAND, WA) Dec 3, 2013

Member since May 2011

1 out of 3 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

rented it and thought it would be alot of fun. the control are beyond annoying and it is way to repetitive . was very disappointed

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