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The Witch and the Hundred Knight


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The Witch and a Hundred Yawns. Yes...

posted by lordkor (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Apr 15, 2014

Member since Mar 2008

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To start, the game crashed multiple times. Twice resulting in file system corruption on my PS3 which fortunately was able to auto repair.

The game is just filled with boring game-play and useless features. Items you buy from shops, mostly weapons, are junk compared to what you find out in the field so it's rare that you might actually buy ANYTHING from the shops. What they don't sell are items to replenish Gigacals (GC), which is like your energy meter which constantly drains. You can consume enemies for GC but you don't get much from most enemies and your inventory fills up with garbage real fast. You can't discard items j(unless you obtain a special one use item) or use items you find until you return to base so inventory management is a bit of a pain.

The levels are needlessly long and littered with twists and dead ends. What should take a few minutes can take hours depending on the level and if you have to mess around with switches or jump spots or teleporters. They all tend to be generic and long and get very tedious to traverse. This in addition to your constant GC drain management adds to the dull experience.

You can raid houses for items, but most of the items are useless and raiding raises your Karma. This affects prices at shops, but since you probably would buy anything it doesn't matter, which also makes money near pointless. Through the whole game I bought only one weapon everything else I found.

Probably the only good thing is the colorful array of NPCs. The witch is sadistic and crude which makes her dialog pretty funny. The butler is lazy and laid back and says "Yes..." a lot. The Hundred Knight looks like a squashed knight with long arms and big hands.

Some may like it, other may not.

Colorful NPCs
Funny dialog

Excessively large levels.
Poor inventory management system
Boring game play.
Long load times.

Frequent crashes.

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Frozen after hours of gameplay

posted by Love4Games (SAN DIEGO, CA) May 5, 2014

Member since May 2005

Sometimes you get in a groove. You try to level up and maybe you do this over two levels without saving (I didn't see an option for auto saves) and as you are finishing the level to reap your rewards the game freezes. It's not so bad if the levels weren't so confusing. Needless to say I packed it up shortly afterwards to return it. If you hate doing things twice then don't play this game. Apparently it freezes often (after doing online research).

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posted by SugarpoT (QUEENSBURY, NY) Oct 25, 2014

Member since May 2011

Life too perfect? Not being belittled enough? Tired of everyone having nicer things then you? Then this is the game for you! I personally didn't really care for the gameplay or the story. I am being generous giving it a 4 cause it looks nice. Would not recommend.

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