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The Warriors

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Also on:PS2, Xbox
GF Rating

436 ratings

Gameplay Controls

The Warriors
Directional Button
Up = Center Camera (Tap). Toggle Camera Distance (Hold). Down = Block. Reverse Hold. Reverse Grapple.
Analog Stick
X Button
Heavy Attack. Attack When Grabbed. Knee Smash Attack. Tandem Move. Throw Weapon.
Square Button
Light Attack. Struggle When Grabbed. Snap Attack (With Analog Stick). Tandem Move.
Circle Button
Tackle. Dive Tackle (Hold). Escape Grapple (Rapidly Press). Grab/Throw Opponent.
Triangle Button
Climb Fence. Jump. Action. Pick Up. Drop Item. Steal Radio. Break In. Tagging.
L Button
Sprint. Release Enemy.
R Button
Manual Lock-On/Aim Projectile
Start Button
Pause Menu
Select Button
Warrior Commands
Shoulder Charge
Cross Body Dive
Rotate Camera
Strong Attack. Power Move.
Special Paint Attack
Ground Level Attack
Moving Attack
Analog Stick + Square Button or X Button
Mug Attack