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The Warriors

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Great movie game

posted by baller123 (NEW STANTON, PA) Dec 5, 2011

Member since May 2011

This is one movie game you wont forget. Games accurate to the movie. And the fighting is awsome. Only a 9 cause its on the xbox, Ten if it was on the 360

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Warriors, Come Out To Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

posted by Anonymous19 (STREETSBORO, OH) Jun 30, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

The Warriors i thought not was a great game all around but very stress relieving haha. The game really captures the movies essence and does a good job at telling a backstory. I thought it was good to show the extra things the fans of the movie didnt know. It also shows the other gangs that The Warriors encountered even before the meeting took place. Not to mention other gangs but the game also allows you to play as the Baseball Furies in the story mode after you complete the game 100% on "Hardcore Soldger" difficulty. This in itself isnt a hard challnge to pull of if you have aced the game before but as soon as you do, you'll be reaping the rewards. The controls were easy to remember and use as well as special moves. Since The Warriors is a fighting type game, this came as no surprise. There is only a couple of things that i felt could have better about the game but even then its getting nit picky. While The Warriors delivers everything you want in a street fighting game, it is also a good game for gamers that never even heard of the movie. The first time you play The Warriors you wont want to put it down for the obvious reasons: Its based off a classic. It is raw, gory, fighting game. And it can keep you playing for hourse with stuff to do like story mode, flashback missions, rumble mode, free roam, workout, or just chillen in the hangout. Whatever you desire is in the game, Th Warriors has it. All in all, if you like fighting games, gangs, classics, and lots of swearing, then The Warriors is for you. Trust me, its worth it. CAN YOU DIG IT!!???

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posted by dsach00 (DULUTH, GA) Oct 21, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Love the movie like the game. It wasn't perfect but it was really entertaining. At the time it was super addicting but after I finished the game i felt like it was really lacking, it may have been the anti-climactic last brawl but this was made up for my sweet chase scenes just like in the movie. It stayed loosely true to the movie so if you're looking to re-live an old favorite you may come up short. Go play GTA San Andreas after this game and you'll see how much this game really is lacking. But not compared to a masterpiece of a game like GTA this game was made fairly well

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