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The Warriors

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WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!

posted by dingoman77 (CASTRO VALLEY, CA) May 3, 2006

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the warriors is 1 of the greatest xbox games ever!! i gave it a 10 cause great story, great movie, great bad guys and more. if u own a xbox, u must own this game its so violent and cool!!! best gang besides the warriors, furies,Riffs,and the hi hats are so cool gangs!!!!

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Above Average

If I hear "Playeeyay" one more time...

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Aug 5, 2006

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The Warriors should have been an excellent game. Rockstar has a pedigree few game companies can compete with. But this is not their next GTA. Much of what Rockstar does well, they still do well here. Voice acting is solid, music sets the appropriate tone and interesting characters abound. However, they drop the ball in a few places. You see, The Warriors is an odd duck. It's sort of a street brawler between gangs in the '70s in a semi-free form version of Coney Island. But the controls are awkward. For instance, one button controls character interaction, climbing, mission selection and picking up weapons. It gets a little frustrating dropping your weapon when you want to vault over a fence. Many missions prove more aggravating than fun and unfortunately, while it's cool to have a big gang to knock some heads, most story missions give you two to four guys to work with. Outside of the story missions, there are some side missions to accomplish in an open version of Coney Island, but the content only allows one side mission at a time and the gamespace itself feels so confined compared to Rockstar's excellent GTA: San Andreas. There are some fun times to be had with The Warriors, but it just doesn't have the fluidity or fascination to keep you engaged. It's fun to beat up mimes and baseball players, steal car radios and mug pedestrians for a little while, but not as long as think.

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Very Good

Very Good , but not excelent

posted by aaron126 (ADRIAN, MI) May 19, 2006

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if you've got a good friend who enjoys some bloody co-op city smashing bum beatdown action, you'll enjoy this game alot. The only problems i had was the lack of camera control and repetitious gameplay. simply put, IT GOT OLD.. thats all. still a good game and a fun rent.

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