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The Warriors

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Gameplay Controls

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The Warriors

Directional Buttons Up = Show Current Objective. Down = Show Bonus Objectives. Left = Heal Warriors. Right = Heal Self.
X Button Heavy Attack. Attack When Grabbed. Running Charge (+ L2).
Triangle Button Pick Up. Drop. Fence Climb. Jump. Action.
Square Button Light Attack. Struggle When Grabbed. Cross Body Dive (+ L2). Snap Attack (+ Left Analog Stick Left/Right).
Circle Button Grab/Throw Opponent. Tackle (Hold). Mount Downed Opponent.
L2 Button Sprint
L1 Button Manual Lock On. Aim Projectile.
R2 Button Command Toggle
R1 Button Block. Look Back Camera When Running. Counterattack (Tap Repeatedly). Turn Arround Grappled Enemy.
Start Button Pause Menu
Select Button Toggle HUD
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Movement
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Rotate Camera. Select Warrior Commands (+ R2).
L3 Button Camera Auto-Center
R3 Button Toggle Camera Distance
Combo #1 Triangle + Circle = Paint Attack
Combo #2 X + Square = Strong Attack
Combo #3 L1 + R1 = Rage Mode
Combo #4 Square, Square = Stun/Knockback
Combo #5 Square, Square, Square = Stun/Knockdown
Combo #6 Square, Square, X = Knockback/Knockdown
Combo #7 X, X = Heavy Damage
Combo #8 X, Square = Knockback/Knockdown
Combo #9 X + Square, X, X = Power Move Combo