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I liked this mainly because of clemintine

posted by lucareview (BUFFALO, NY) Dec 30, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

I loved this game because another game I like are dungeons and dragons (and I'm talking about the board game). Also, if you readied the choose your own adventure series, you will like this. However, if your not creative or like just mindlessly killing zombies, you won't like this.
I liked Clementine as if she was a real person. Too bad I don't have a twitter account. On it, you can tell how far you went with her.
As the game went on, more fun was happening. I like the puzzles. I am good at them. That is why I gave this game a 9
The reason I did not give this game a ten was the bad facial expressions. When Kenny got mad at Ben, he looked like he was acting. A different time with the same expressions, they were almost identical. Luckily, this is a rare problem. If we were allowed to say reviews with decimals, I would have gave this game a 9.75/10 and not a 9.

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Not just a video game

posted by Kat_a_ttack (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Dec 29, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

I just finished this game, so I'm a little sentimental over here. Where do I start? I love the graphics. You definitely feel like a graphic novel has come to life. The writing is amazing. I really became attached to the characters. The types of action are well space. Another great thing is this game is so story-driven that another person can watch you play and not be bored. I just really want 5 more episodes to be released right now. (I played all 5 episodes released.)

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Really Bad

Not really a "game"

posted by Jester (BARRINGTON, RI) Dec 28, 2012

Member since Jul 2007

In my opinion, it's better described as a narrative that's sometimes interrupted by gamelike events. If you're really into the Walking Dead universe, by all means give this a rent. If not, then you'll find all of the characters to be painfully one dimensional, and the plot twists lackluster and drawn out.

Despite the warning that is presented at the beginning of each episode which suggests your decisions carry significant weight and drastically change the course of the story, they really don't. Sure, there may be some minor variance here and there, but ultimately not a thing changes.

It is, however, one of the easiest platinum trophies to achieve. If that's your only goal, then go ahead and pick this up, and don't forget to get the Hannah Montana game while you're at it (who am I kidding, you already have it, don't you?).

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