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Really Bad

Not really a "game"

posted by Jester (BARRINGTON, RI) Dec 28, 2012

Member since Jul 2007

In my opinion, it's better described as a narrative that's sometimes interrupted by gamelike events. If you're really into the Walking Dead universe, by all means give this a rent. If not, then you'll find all of the characters to be painfully one dimensional, and the plot twists lackluster and drawn out.

Despite the warning that is presented at the beginning of each episode which suggests your decisions carry significant weight and drastically change the course of the story, they really don't. Sure, there may be some minor variance here and there, but ultimately not a thing changes.

It is, however, one of the easiest platinum trophies to achieve. If that's your only goal, then go ahead and pick this up, and don't forget to get the Hannah Montana game while you're at it (who am I kidding, you already have it, don't you?).

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i mean, yeah, you get to "influence" the game

posted by NascarEngineer (MOORESVILLE, NC) Dec 20, 2012

Member since Dec 2012


I'm going to give you the quickest rundown of this game I can. If you care about the quality of games you rent from Gamefly, I promise you'll appreciate my review of this game.
1) the graphics suck.. this is because they base the game on a "comic" so they can get away with dark black outlines around everything which makes the game atmosphere look like a "comic". to me, this equals bad graphics.
2) The game lags like you're playing MW3 on a dial-up connection. it's absolutely ridiculous. for the quality of the graphics and the fact that you're not playing the game online, there should be ZERO lag. When you play a "campaign" game, the last thing you would expect is for it to lag like you were playing it online with a bad internet connection. Well, this is how The Waling Dead game plays like that the entire time.
3) The game controls are absolutely terrible. I cannot explain this, just rent it from Gamefly and you'll know what I mean and appreciate it. The controls are terribly ridiculous.
4) You DON'T influence the game. Yeah, in between every "episode" you're again reminded that every action you take influences the game... HOWEVER.... that statement is FALSE. I tried and re-tried many scenarios with different answers, and the final outcome is always the same. The idea that your "decisions" throughout the gameplay "influences" the game is 100% NOT TRUE. The game is going programmed to follow a particular route no matter what you do. All you can influence is a very slight aspect of a partial percent of that current response of what character you are talking with in the game.
5) This game is ridiculously overrated. I read all the reviews and was convinced by all the major gaming "reviewers" that The Walking Dead would be a game that I'd remember for the rest of my gaming career. YEAH RIGHT. In my opinion, this game is NOT worth playing at all.

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Is this a game??

posted by bITEmE (NEWVILLE, PA) Dec 18, 2012

Member since Dec 2010

Did you like L.A. Noir? With a dash of Silent Hill. Ad Asura's Wrath, Take out any action, fun or thrill and you have an episode of the Walking Dead game.

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