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GF Rating

Very Good

Great story but wish they would fix the glitch's

posted by mulchlayer (GRESHAM, OR) Feb 22, 2013

Member since May 2010

I loved playing this game but really found that the glitches really made it hard to enjoy it. For such a short game i hope they will make the next one less glitchy!
Though as a whole the game is awesome and fun and really challlenges your morals LOL You will want to play it over and over again trying to get different results :p

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GF Rating

Very Good

Not for the indecisive (easy platinum trophy)

posted by Izzy_Duzit (MIAMI SPRINGS, FL) Feb 21, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

Fans of the comic book and/or tv series should definitely give this game a try. It's not your traditional kind of game because there are seemingly more cinematics than there is actual gameplay. At first glance, one may think that this would make for a terrible game, but it is quite the contrary. Those who have played Heavy Rain in the past would understand. The Walking Dead is unique in that you primarily control what the protagonist says and does; it is very interactive. The meat of this game requires you to make mostly quick and hard decisions that affects the plot of the story. It forces you to think on your feet and problem solve.

The game consists of 5 episodes each with several chapters. It focuses on a former history professor at a university in Georgia (Lee Everett) who is convicted for murder and being presumably taken to a prison in a police car when the zombie outbreak commences. He is consequently "freed" and comes across an 8-year old girl named Clementine who got separated from her parents. Lee takes her under his wing and the remainder of the game centers around their relationship evolution, how they deal with the zombies, and other characters they meet/interact with along the way.

The game does a good job of making the player feel like they are in Lee's shoes and prompts one to make decisions as if it were he or she making it in real life.

The graphics are comic-book like, the controls are fairly fluid, and it features a nice auto-save system. However, the game often suffers from choppy frame rate issues, delayed voice animations, and actions. Lee is capable of dying in the game so it restarts you to the moment before you died to redeem yourself. This is a nice feature to prevent frustration from potential repeated deaths.

Overall, the game is very good and a more than worthy rental. Buying isn't recommended unless you intend to play the game over again making different decisions than your first playthrough to change the ou

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GF Rating


A Game Worth Playing

posted by HarbingerKismet (AURORA, CO) Feb 19, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

When I first picked up this game, I had little knowledge of the game itself nor the comics it's based on. I was surprised to see the style of graphics the game has as they do not immediately strike with the seriousness this game has to offer. This fact quickly became irrelevant as I was thrown into an emotional roller coaster of decisions and consequences. It has one of the best stories I've seen from a game in a while and caters to an adult audience perfectly. I was delighted to play it the first time, and I would play it again.

That said, the game is not for everyone. If you enjoy games for their challenge in skill and their difficulty to beat, this is probably not the game for you. However, if you enjoy games where you have agency over your own story, such as the BioWare titles or Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, this is a must-play. It tells an engaging story that will keep you hooked right until the end.

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