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The Walking Dead


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Very Good

Very cool

posted by queenmarlboro (PLANO, TX) Feb 7, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Loved this game. There were a few more load screens that I would have liked and the occasion lag. However I was more than willing to deal with that to continue with the fun. Always a blast to play the same game as my boyfriend but have completely different experiances.

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GF Rating


The Walking Dead

posted by gameplayer858 (LA QUINTA, CA) Feb 6, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

this game was really bad. the story was super long and boring and it was very slow. i dont recomend getting this game.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

The Walking Dead

posted by Razored (MONT VERNON, NH) Feb 6, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Being A walking Dead Fan I was so excited to finally get my copy from Gamefly. What a disappointment. After playing for about 30 minutes i turned it off in disgust.
1. The Graphics....OMG so 1990's cartoonish I felt like I
was playing on Nintendo or Sega system
2. StoryLine..... There was none it was like watching a
"B" rated movie...tons of talking between NPC's in
which you had a chance to reply to different
questions they asked. Shut up already i wanna kill
3. No Free Roam...per example you find yourself in a
house, you can see stairs and a living room, you only can stay in the kitchen to investigate then booted
back outside...every scene is like this.
4. Controls suck...your typical game "a" kick"b" punch
"trigger" aim "trigger2" shoot, not this game you
have to zoom your joystick to a preselected
highlighted area then press "x" to do an action if
you are to slow moving the cursor over the
preselected area chances are you die and start
In the 20-30 minutes of play i saw 8 zombies, only 2 i was able to engage, and that was only due to it was written into the storyline, it was also pre determine on how they were gonna be killed, 1 shotgun...the other hammer both weapons you weren't even allowed to keep after killing the zombie. With todays technology for video and sound I find this game to have been a failure which is so sad considering the 18 million fans the tv show has. Again i only played 20-30 minutes so the game may have gotten better but i'm the type of gamer if you don't perk my interest in the beginning i'm not going to play ya.

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