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Wow! Feels like I'm playing it on my phone...

posted by Citric_Ocean (COTTONWOOD, AZ) Feb 11, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

I was excited to play the Walking Dead game to fill in the gap between the tv seasons. That excitement didn't waste any time into quickly disappearing. I loved the story and the way the characters interacted. The characters made a good connection to me and how I made decisions that would alter their lives. There were issues though. For one, you get the option to ask or answer questions with four choices, but most of these interactions are timed. So the problem is that you don't have time to read them all or sometimes you can't see a choice because of the background images, which makes it hard to make the choices you want and then you just simply hit a random one in haste.

Also, the controls are such a mess; your left thumb stick is for moving around, you right thumb stick is for moving the camera, and the x y b a buttons are all you action buttons. Most of the fighting scenes that you are in require that you back up while moving the camera to aim for their head, while also pushing the action button. This is so frustrating and difficult to pull of because you need to work the camera and use the action button with only your right hand. Unless of course, you want to move your left hand to the right thumb stick and control the action buttons with your right hand. Controls are a complete mess.

Also, the biggest issue of all, the game will NOT let you install it on the hard drive. Why is this an issue? Loading screens. Cut scenes. I would say that 60 - 70% of the game is made up of loading cut scenes. I hated the controls, quick decisions, and loading scenes, but the story and connection to the characters is what kept me playing til the end. So, if you can deal with those few issues and just want to play the game for the story, then I would recommend renting it. But do not buy it. It is too short and will probably drive you more insane than its worth.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Slow but captivating

posted by gregk (SONORA, CA) Feb 9, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Game is not an action packed game and you may not like it at all if you do not follow the Walking Dead franchise however if you do you will definitely enjoy this game.

Game is dictated by the choices you make from how someone may like you to what or how they play out in the story. You are compared to other gamers at the end of episodes on the choices you make. I felt connected to some of the characters and had to make some hard choices throughout the game. I played it as though It was real choices I would have had to make and by the end there was only one that I thought hmmm maybe that wasn't the right choice and felt kind of bad.

Overall it was good and I was going to play through it again in a more "Shane" game play but the story and talking was to much to sit through again to see the significant changes. I did not finish the 1st episode on second run through.

More games in this manner would be awesome if they added content by new episodes.

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4 for idea

posted by zorty (SANGER, TX) Feb 7, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

They really have to fix the issues of playing the game on the xbox slim. I give it a 4 instead a 1 for idea alone. It could have been a great game. But because of lag its not playable.

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