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Emotional & Graphic RPG

posted by USMCKIDD (RIO RICO, AZ) Dec 31, 2012

Member since Feb 2008

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

CONCEPT- Protect a little girl, Clementine, from the dead and the living (at all costs!) You and Clementine are thrown into the zombie apocalypse, meet fellow survivors, and make life or death decisions along the way. The choice of who you save and who you become friends with, will dramatically alter the game's story. (Timed responses and actions make the game that much harder.)
GRAPHICS- The game has comic book theme graphics. The character animations are solid and the environment looks amazing. The locations you visit look very realistic and come to life.
SOUND- From the birds chirpping to the zombie growls, the game comes to life. The voice acting is unlike anything I've heard. You definetely here the emotion in the characters at the appropriate times. Characters sound scared to death when they encounter "Walkers", tough situations, and death.
GAMEPLAY- The gameplay was a little tricky at first. It's a point and click based game. All actions require you to point and click to perform an action or to speak to fellow survivors. There are a ton of quick action sequences that require your immediate response. If you're too late, it can change the story in an instant. With that being said, timed responses are crucial. For almost every action and response you're given a period of time to decide who to save or what to say. Whatever your action or response, someone in the group will disagree with you. You wish you can save them all but it's impossible!
ENTERTAINMENT- TWD fans will not be disappointed! For those of you who have not read the comics but have just watched the show (like me), prepare to be introduced and blown away by new stories and characters. The game is EMOTIONAL and EXTREMELY graphic.

A must buy for TWD fans, and to anyone who enjoys RPG's and an emtional, heartbreaking game.

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posted by Shadowkill56 (JACKSON HEIGHTS, NY) Mar 28, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Just know that before you rent/buy this, it isn't like a Black Ops 2 zombies kind of game. It's a point and click game, but that's the beauty of it. This game has an amazing storyline. Overall, this is a sad game, but that's what makes it good. It is very emotional. I think this is one of the best games I've played and has the best ending I've ever seen. I bet over 80% of people who played this cried at least once during the game. This is worth the rent and time. 10/10. Game Of The Year quality.

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This is one fantastic ride but

posted by monkespit (PARRISH, FL) Dec 26, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Having read all the comics, and being an avid fan, I must say I am not surprised but I am left with a very ill feeling about the games ending. I won't spoil anything for anyone suffice to say that it stays true to the original comics form with regards to who lives and dies. That being said, the game is fantastic. It's a great way to play this 'story' and the best telltale game yet. Like it was made for it.
-Some of the major choices/decisions in the game do not give you nearly enough time to decide and then you are left with the consequences of that decision. No going back unless you want to replay the entire episode. They are very long, and I assume they have no real bearing on the final outcome anyway, just perhaps who's with you through out.
-no bugs, freezing or issues
-running would be nice to be able to do, instead you are always slowly walking about to do your various tasks in the game.
-had no sticking points or difficulty progressing in the game. i have always been one to explore areas before moving on anyways so i managed to always find items needed to move on, no prob.

-over all this is a great game that really pays homage to TWD story in it's own original way. There's even a few easter eggs for TWD fans if you pay attention. Including getting to work with/save an original character from the series!
Get this game, what a great change of pace from the glut of carbon copy first person shooters out there now!

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