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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct


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not as bad as they say

posted by clint123 (HILLSBORO, OR) Apr 9, 2013

Member since Sep 2010

sure this game could have been better but i find it to be a pretty good, intense first addition...... it had me on the edge quite a few times, i would recommend a try if your a fan. I just cant wait to save all the survivors and get unlimited ammo. It will be a party then oh yea!...try it!

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A disgrace for any game, much less walking dead.

posted by Lana_Kane Apr 7, 2013

The premise was good, the characters highly rated, and of course, the series is huge and rightly so. From the comics, to the show, to the game, it gets high regards from people who wouldn’t normally even care. This game however, takes everything that has been built, and dumps on it, Survival Instinct. (Let's be honest, it doesn’t deserve the name Walking Dead anywhere near it)

The very beginning of the game had me highly interested, the story looked very promising, you’re thrown right into the mess right away. The problem, the characters don’t really show that. They seem to show no emotion what so ever, I mean, I didn’t expect a lot from the actual actors, a lot don’t realize how hard voice acting really is and it showed. The entire game felt like a monotone blur of a couple sentence cut scenes that added up to a nonexistent story.

Glitches! I’m one to normally forgive glitches, every game has some, and as long as they’re not too repetitive or game ending, then I can forgive them. Survival Instinct was too much for me. Multiple times the game would glitch at the end of the level, to the point where I could not move on. I hit restart level, hoping for the checkpoint, however, of course, it would take me to the very beginning.

The Zombies!!!! Now I’m no zombie expert, seeing as the human ones don’t exist, no matter how many times I wish upon a star, (Jiminy Cricket is Full of it) but these zombies were terrible, easily the most boring zombies you’ve ever seen. If these zombies actually existed, the apocalypse would last 5 minutes. They just walk, they are blocked by everything, including ankle high pieces of wood, and planks above your hips, easily crouched under. The Knife. How do you put so much into one little knife. I could sit for 20 minutes as the zombies got into a line, so I could stab their face. None attacking, all just patiently waiting for their turn to be stabbed in the face.

All in all, I have to say, this was one of the worst games I've pl

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posted by Krackatos (OMAHA, NE) Apr 7, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

I am also a huge fan of the walking dead series. This was the pretale of Daryl... It would have been ok IF the GAME portion would have panned out to be a little bit better than something that a psp could render. The animations are horible. The gameplay seems like the 5 maps over and over again with different map spawn points and objectives. If anyone says a title was rushed, this one definetly should set the bar. Either this was rushed or the QA's didn't even bother tolook at the game quality before releasing it. This game is not going to be played anymore and will be returned immediately. If you must, RENT IT but please do not buy this game.

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