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Survival Instinct review

posted by cloakXdagger (OMAHA, NE) Apr 10, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Well, I know a lot of people hated this game. It had its ups and downs. Now that I've finished I'll put my two cents in on pros & cons.
The Good :
Voice acting for Daryl by Norman Reedus is great.
Survival Horror elements strongly present in this game.
After game ending bonuses are received as incentive to play again (i.e. access to the crossbow & M16 at game start, melee weapon boost, etc)
Justice for the lack of gun use in earlier levels due to danger of attracting the horde is received during your time at the military camp level.
The Bad :
Glitches! Zombies will spawn out of thin air. No room or area is EVER truly cleared in this game. Ever. Close doors behind you (seriously) and keep a lookout.
A word on firepower...Guns in this game attract a large crowd of zombies truckin' your way and trust me, you don't have enough time or bullets to put 'em down!
Merle isn't in the game a whole lot, and other survivor characters seem bland and I let several go to avoid the burden. Do your own scavenging because they often won't return and will take whatever weapon you gave them with them to zombie land forever.
You're on the road a lot but there is no driving aspect in this game. You too are a passenger.
All in all, this really could have been a PS2 title. It frustrates, leaves you wanting so much more from it and ends quite abruptly. I am a big fan of the show and of the Telltale game. I wanted to love this game. I stuck it out and finished it but won't start a new game to check out those unlockables because I just don't have the time or interest. Maybe someday when this game is in a gamestop bargain bin. Don't take my word for it though, play it yourself..

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It's all about survival

posted by Chessfu (PORTAGE, IN) Apr 10, 2013

Top Reviewer

Member since Apr 2005

First, I'm not rating this game on it's graphics or on its online play. But the controls, game play, story line and replay value.
-First the good: THE WALKING DEAD is the true KING OF THE HILL. When it comes to survival horror. This is what RESIDENT EVIL used to dream about delivering to us the hardcore fans.
This release is two steps up game play wise from last Walking Dead game to released via Telltale games.
In this installment:
- Controls are easy to understand
-it's all about survival. No looking for money to buy improved weapons
- No increasingly strange bosses to fight
- It's all about GAS, FOOD and AMMO.
- Not since the PS2 game MANHUNTER has it been this much fun to smash something with a hammer.
-AI doesn't have to go out on missions with you.

- Title was wasted on 1st person perspective.
- No save points- Levels are too hard without being able to help for yourself.
-Mapping system is weak. A GPS style would serve gamers better.
- Not enough weapons early out. Like a machete would have been nice.
-You can never clear an area. WALKERS keep showing up.
- Not enough health drinks or food.
This installment of THE WALKING DEAD is not a run and gun title. It takes patience. You have to watch the WALKERS and see their pattern.
-If a WALKER doesn't see you, it will continue doing whatever it was doing.
-Any noise brings WALKERS, makes it a heft challenge to get through once they hear you.
-Once three WALKERS get hold of you, it's pretty much over.
-Only reason I'm not rating this game 8 or 9. Is that it's a 1st person game with no manual save points.
- The younger the gamer the more they care about the graphics or on line play. I don't.

This Game is worth playing even for those like me that prefer 3rd person, like me. And it's worth more than a 4.9 in ratings. A sure renter that will keep you waiting for the next season of The Walking Dead.

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Good game

posted by gfsubscriber1 (SOUTH PASADENA, CA) Apr 10, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

I liked this game.

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