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the walking dead

posted by Fabiocrow1983 (COVINGTON TOWNSHIP, PA) Sep 28, 2014

Member since Oct 2011

I've played my fair share of bad games in my time but this one wins 1st for being the worse! Invisible walls everywhere is only one of many problems i seen. I only played for 20 minutes because it was making me too mad.first chapter you're told to go to the truck but when you do the guy that told you to yells at you like you're an idiot for listening to him....takes way too many hits to kill anything and controls are broken...oh and it froze twice!

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Don't bother with this game

posted by cano008 (SOUTH RIVER, NJ) Sep 12, 2014

Member since Jun 2010

This game is broken. Enemies spawn from thin air and sometimes walk through walls. Graphics suck. Poor overall experience.

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An interesting idea but...

posted by encaru (CANNON FALLS, MN) Jul 24, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

I found the story itself interesting at least in premise but the production values graphics and over all style of the game were so lacking that it was almost a joke, this reminded me more of an original xbox game than something belonging to the 360.

The audio was alright with the theme from The walking dead playing a role and it did try to maintain that atmosphere from the television show with the use of lighting effects creepy music and the overall pace of the game.

Set design was fairly well executed with the usual clutter of cars trucks and other things though a bit more detail would have made it feel a bit more like the tv show.

Where it falls short of is somewhat clumsy controls when stealth and precise movement are so integral to the game. Weapons were largely inaccurate and weren't effective at ranges much past the range of your knife, the hunting rifle and its kin being obvious exceptions but even that you were forced to stay long range or it soon became useless.

With stealth being such an integral part of the game i was truly supprised their was no indicator as to how visible or noisy you were to the zombies there were times i thought for sure i should have been atracting dozens of them and not a one turned my way on the other hand sometimes trying to be stealthy was all but impossible.

All in all the game had good idea's but needed way more time to polish before it was released.

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