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posted by MichiganStacks (DETROIT, MI) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

5 out of 18 gamers (28%) found this review helpful


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Good game, don't expect it to be like the last one

posted by Lifetimer (Pittsburgh, PA) Mar 26, 2013

Member since May 2011

2 out of 7 gamers (29%) found this review helpful

I'm finding a lot of the bad reviews for this game to be from people who loved the last Walking Dead game. I can see why they don;t like this one, because that one was a choose-your-own adventure storybook game with a deep plot. This one is not focused on plot, its a first person shooter with very little plot but TONS of zombie killing.

The graphics suffice, although its no Call of Duty. But if you like Zombie-killing, you will have a great time with this game like me. There are lots of weapons to choose from. yes you can go through the whole game using just the machete if you want, but where's the fun in that. Plus, once you get Daryl's crossbow and can shoot zombies silently , the stealth action goes to a whole new level of fun.

Long story short, a really fun game if you go into it expecting a FPS and not a story game.

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Actually Pretty Good!

posted by M3rciless (LACONIA, NH) Mar 19, 2013

Member since Aug 2011

2 out of 8 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

I want to start off buy saying that I am a fan of the T.V Show and previous attempts of making TV/Movie game tie-ins actually being good are quite lacking. So I did in fact preorder this game, but then I got too nervous and canceled my preorder because I seriously had huge doubts about this game and I am honestly happy to say, I was WRONG! This game is actually really good, I can sum it up a little by saying it reminds me of a linear version DayZ, mixed with WarZ...but with a definite Walking Dead feel to it. You get to savage for supplies (Weapons, Drinks, Food, Fuel and Ammo) while sneaking around zombies. Along with supplies you can rescue other survivors and send them on tasks... similar to Assassins Creed Brotherhood missions... Also between zones you choose what kind of road you can take, all roads with different pros and cons. Game play is solid and I really like how they have the characters from the show actually act and sound just like they do in the tv show. The zombies are actually pretty smart, they act like zombies should, they can smell you if you get too close, and combat is actually pretty fun. You have to play smart, you cannot just go around shooting weapons because you WILL get swarmed, so there are a lot of tensions and strategy in order to survive.

Graphics are pretty good, definatly not the best but it really doesn't take away from the game. The sounds are great.

Honestly, if you enjoy the show and want to play a game that really feels like it too, than you really should give this a shot, I have a feeling that you too will be as surprised to find a lot of joy in this game. Those who don't know or care about the show and just want to play a WORKING Zombie surviving game where strategy and guts count, than this honestly is probably one of the best I have played, honestly.

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