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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct


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How did this game get made?

posted by UnemployedNinja (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Oct 2, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

We're told not to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes your first impression of something is pretty on point. I saw the commercial for this game and it didn't seem good. If you are on the fence about playing this game, save your time and your money because this isn't good. I don't know what incentive was for this game to be made, but the incentive should have been to make a good game and not just a game.
This game does work it just had some design shortcomings. The crossbow was fun to use; best ranged weapon in the game. The idea of picking up people to be a part of your team was good. Management of resources, crew and vehicle was decent. And you were able to throw select items to make a distraction. The game also encouraged multiple playthroughs with the collectibles earning you bonuses for your next playthrough.
Overall however, what was good about this game was overshadowed by its problems. The AI was designed to where zombies will chase you almost anywhere, so if they detect you then you're in for a fight. If you get swarmed, you're as good as done. If a zombie sees you it will know your exact location almost assuredly, and others zombie may aggro and will also know your location. If you missed something in a level, you are unable to go back. I understand that is how it is for plot reasons but that didn't fly well with me. You don't get the crossbow until maybe half way in the game, which makes the first half harder and less fun. I wasn't able to get a different vehicle until more than halfway through the game, meaning anyone I saved would not be able to come with me due to lack of room. And the game is short, which is fine by me since I am only renting.
This game was sold for full retail price I believe. It is not worth that price I assure you. If this was one of those $10-$20 games then the pricing would be more accurate and I wouldn't be as critical of it as a product. Don't buy this game; you probably shouldn't even rent it, not even for achievements

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An Insult to the Show and Comic

posted by anzatexan (COPPERAS COVE, TX) Sep 8, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

I really expected more from this game. And I really really tried to like it. But, it's so flawed on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin. Obviously the idea of playing as Daryl Dixon sounded awesome! It would be, but the game is executed so poorly, I would have been better off playing as Sophia.

Let's not forget that Daryl's signature weapon is his crossbow...which you don't get till very late in the game. Even for a huge Walking Dead fan like me, the game was not worth finishing. Don't waste your time.

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Cool Game!!

posted by gabsantiago (Chicago, IL) Jul 30, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I really enjoy playing this game, I like it so much I might keep it. Graphics are awesome, controls are good and scenes are pretty cool because you dont expect most of what you see and its pretty awesome!

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