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posted by TheSnowGator (OMAHA, NE) Mar 23, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

20 out of 25 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

The Walking Dead graphic novels and television series have won the hearts of millions around the world. Last year, Telltale's 'The Walking Dead' was inspired from the graphic novels and was an overwhelming success. This year, Terminal Reality brings us 'Survival Instinct', sadly ending a reign of virtual success across The Walking Dead universe.

First of all, this game has already received many harsh reviews: some reveiwers claiming it is the worst game they ever played, others claiming it is an enjoyable game. I suppose this review is right down the middle. First of all, those who have not played Aliens: Colonial Marines cannot say this is the worst game they ever played: A:CM was a complete pile of trash on release day. So there's that. Anyways, there are a lot of good concepts in the game, especially when it comes to acquiring other surviviors, deciding where to take your group to next, managing your inventory, and what vehicles to use. All of those options, typically, provide a sense of personality and detail on many other games. While those options are servicable in this game, they are watered down and the rest of the game suffers from outdated mechanics.

The first thing gamers always notice are the graphics, and they are definitely outdated. If this game was a add-on to the graphic novels and not the television series, the artistic value would greatly improve the experience. The player movement is fine, but the jumping mechanics feel like 1998. The zombie models are believable, but their movements look worse when in groups. Alone, the zombies don't look too bad.

The storyline is forgettable, and the missions are usually the same: go to point A, retrieve item, and return to point B for drop-off. Overall, this if you are a fan of the universe, you can rent this game and be pleased. But if you were hoping for an experience similar to Telltale's, then you will be greatly disappointed.

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Survival Instinct

posted by Wolfpack853 (PORTLAND, ME) Mar 19, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

30 out of 44 gamers (68%) found this review helpful

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct is not the perfect game some of these reviewers are making it seem. I would not even say that it deserves the 7.7 rating that it has.
When the game was announced, I had high ambitions for the game. The telltale version had succeeded my expectations, why not this won. As it approached the release date, Activision released a trailer which showed no real gameplay, and set the price at 50.00$. This made me cautious about this title. When I first started playing the game, I was introduces to the world of The Walking Dead. Walkers were attacking Daryl's family and friends. You are thrust into a dangerous world filled with things that want to eat you. As time went on, I grew somewhat disappointed of the travel system. A game where you needed to scavenge for supplies to survive should be free roam right? Sadly it was not, you watch a screen as people talk in the back round, and occasionally, you stop to kill zombies, or get supplies. The combat in the game was very well done and polished. Blood splattered as zombie's heads explode. Weapons have advantages and disadvantages to suit a player's needs. The graphic's were sub-par, but they don't really matter if you play a game for it's gameplay. The storyline had less polish and left me scratching my head at the end. Especially since my first playthrough was only about SIX HOURS. That is another point I would like to bring up, a SIX HOUR game for the regular purchase, disregarding pre-order bonuses, kind of sucks. The zombies in the game are very well done as they seem to be able to see, smell, and hear you. They can break through wooden fences and doors, they sneak up behind you while you battle other threats. I've just broken down and examined the key parts of the game. I can't recommend this to everyone so it's your choice whether to buy it. From this, you can see that the game does have flaws, but it also has some very well done parts. But, I can see there being an improved sequel in time

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Really Bad

Only worth it for the occasional laugh

posted by jalapeno (COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA) Mar 21, 2013

Member since Jan 2009

18 out of 29 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

This is some of the most boring, inane tripe I've ever played. The story is nonexistent, the gameplay is inconsistent with poorly executed tactical mechanics, and it absolutely insults its source material. The Walking Dead is an allegory for the monstrosity inside real people in crisis situations. This game relegates that to the sidelines for over-the-top zombie genocide. All the human NPCs you come across are very trusting even when you break into their home wielding a knife.

For those who factor in length, it takes 5 hours to beat (3-4 hours less than an average single player campaign). Even that is too long, though. There are thinly-veiled attempts to create replayability by including alternative levels, but there's no reason to go back for them since each level is indiscernible from the others to begin with.

My advice is not to trust any reviews above a six. Those are most likely people just trying to justify their $60 purchase.

Try the Telltale game instead.

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