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The Thing

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Also on:PS2
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246 ratings

Gameplay Controls

The Thing
GamePlay: Make sure to keep your Squad Members' trust by healing them, giving them ammo and weapons, attacking Things, executing infected members of your Squad, running blood tests on yourself and more. You can also keep your Squad's Fear Level Low in the same ways, or use an adrenaline hypo if those dont work!

Directional Pad Left = Next Item, Right = Previous Item, Up = Previous Weapon, Down = Next Weapon
Left Thumbstick Movement
Right Thumbstick Crouch
A Button Fire Weapon
B Button Pick Up Items/Interact With Environment
X Button Use Items
Y Button Squad Menu
White Button Reload
Black Button Access Inventory
Left Trigger Sidestep Left
Right Trigger Sidestep Right
Start Pause
Back Access Documents/Mission Objectives