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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes


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Be Wary of the people who gave this game a 10/10

posted by westben2002 (BETHLEHEM, PA) Apr 30, 2013

Member since Jun 2011

People who give 10/10 on a game that is obvioslly not that great are usually the developers trying to push up their games score.

With that being said I love the Holmes franchise and it has the possibility to be great but never is. The bar was set pretty low with the last Holmes game on the xbox (know that it was a PC port) and this game barely gets over the hurdle. The game mechanics are dated from what we've seen the 360 can do so its nothing super impressive. The game play is alright and again nothing impressive.

I would honestly love to see what a big name publisher would do with this franchise. I mean I support small publishers but when they get a licence like this they try to make it sub par just so they can get their name on a map. small publishers should be the ones who are the major inovators in the gameing world today instead of grabbing any licence they can and make sub par games.

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The homoerotic detectives need a makeover

posted by kattsina (SEATTLE, WA) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

I will admit I was quite excited to play Sherlock. As others have stated before me it starts off very promising. There is a a mystery afoot and it is up to you to explore the clues. Exciting right? The way its acctually played would be very exciting for a 5 year old. At this time I'm just too tall to really pull of the identification so instead I'll stick with the hissy fits and say-"this sucks" over and over again at the screen.

Sadly much of the investigation is just going through the motions, the controls and features leave you greately wanting and in the end its really a question of how willing you are to play a boring game for the sake of Sherlock canon?

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dumbfoundingly boring

posted by nonaym13 (HAMILTON, OH) Mar 15, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

i only played it for 4 hours, and made virtually little progress in it. being a skilled puzzle solver, if i do say so myself, i seem seriously distraught that solving these problems because there is simply no hints at all. besides already stating some of the facts in the dialogue, there is no reason to connect the dots in which the game that make the crime solvable.

the hint button gives absolutely no hints at all, besides telling you where clue markers are, which you could easily find yourself if you simply ran around the room.

if you dont know how to solve a puzzle, instead of giving you a REAL hint, it either solves it for you, or you need to look at a walkthrough cause its literally impossible to solve on your own.

playing this game is like taking something that is absolutely marvelous by itself, wrapping it in a garbage bag, and swinging it against a brick wall and floor a hundred times.

games in which you absolutely need a walkthrough to play it, are idiotic. whats worst, this game needs a walkthrough, and in the video walkthrough's of this game, the person making the video is obviously watching a walkthrough of someone else playing it.

i only give this game a 3/10 and im being very generous. only play this game if you have alot of spare time on your hands to look at the same puzzle for hours and hours, trying to figure it out only to get through a little bit of storyline at a time.

key word to describe this game, is "disappointing"

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