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The Suffering

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Subtitles for the Suffering Game

posted by DeafGod1 (ROCHESTER, NY) Aug 24, 2006

Member since May 2005

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Okay, a serious Deaf gamer like myself often gets upset or fustrated with a game that offers no subtitles at all in order to play the game effectively. However, The Suffering DOES offer subtitles which made the game pleasurable, and to effect, downright creepy and scary. The subtitles helps a deaf gamer understand the storyline as opposed to a game that does not offer subtitles and has a storyline!
I would recommend this game, not because of the subtitles, but because of the creepiness that follows you as a player through the prison. The monsters give a chilling effect that imposes a lasting impression on you. It makes you wonder if prisons are like that - which we know it would never happen!
The storyline is wonderful, and offers a player with a lot of clues. So, any Deaf gamers out there, check this game out! Enjoy the subtitled game while you can but beware to have your nerves frayed like mine did when I played this game! -grinning from ear to ear-

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GF Rating

Above Average

Different, good, but lacking polish

posted by jlaw1012 (COOL, CA) May 5, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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Cool Premise, prison experiments, mutants, dark environment(you use a flashlight light quite a bit), and a psychotic killer as the hero of the day.
But even with all that the game misses the opportunity to create a creepy medium-paced thriller, instead they opt to make a fast paced run/and/gun.
Your character is interesting, he's on a rapid slope in sanity causing hallucinations, auditory, and visual, and has occasional blackouts (controlled by you) were he becomes a giant and grotesque monster/man with a knife hand and a panting problem. This in fact the best part of the game.
The rest of the shooting and shooting and shooting is really bad; the first-person mode i'd compare to Hitman with out the blood and semi-satisfying ragdoll bullet impacts. Instead you get almost no reaction from your enemies when they're shot, until they keel over (like in an old western) and die.
Unfortunately after alittle while shooting is all you do with makes for a redundant and boring experience.
You can however control some of the story line; occasionally your character meets another regular human. They all help you if you let 'am but you can kill them and send your guy a little farther into to his psychosis.
So, in summation: cool look, interesting story, bad gameplay.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Horrifically Delightful

posted by Chris826 (LAKE CHARLES, LA) Jul 1, 2007

Member since May 2007

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This game is one of the best of the survival horror genre (granted, it's no Resident Evil). The setting is absolutely genius, and the creepy aura is created nicely. The voices in your head, the music, the monsters that come from nowhere, that feeling when you KNOW something is going to happen but don't know what, everything. The light/dark path that you can choose is a WELCOME addition to this kind of game. I hate being confined to one or the other. One of the most horrifying things you can find in this game is not knowing where the monster is...You hear it, you know it's coming...But you can't see it until it's right in your face (and slashing it off, too!). The kind of "director" that urges you along through the game (one of those voices...I think it's a dead doctor? It's been a while since I've played) makes it even creepier. They really made you feel like you were in Torque's place, really in his head.

But, nothing is perfect. The lighting in some parts makes it extremely hard to see ANYTHING, and you have to figure out what to do next by yourself a lot. For example, sometimes you get stuck and don't know that you have to turn into a monster to break down a wall, or something to that extent. They have a lot of these moments. The game also tends to freeze a lot...But, those are minor things. As for why I didn't give it a nine instead of an eight, it's because there are much better games out there. This is just a good one. It's incredibly short, and could be played start to finish in a couple of days. Though the replay value is incredibly high due to the different endings and ways to get them.

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