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Not quite Smurfy enough to get

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 30, 2013

Member since Jan 2008

The Smurfs 2 – the game – is based on the movie of the same title. Here, the smurfs' nemesis creates two evil smurfs, sends them over to the Smurf village. Once there, they kidnap Smurfette (who else – Jokey Smurf?) and take her back to Earth. And the Smurfs have to mount a rescue mission.
Over 30 2D platforming levels and 6 boss fights, your task is to get Smurfette back from Gragamel, and battle the other two evil smurfs while you’re at it.
You can pick from one of several smurfs, each with a special ability. Abilities include: Papa freezes enemies with potions, Hefty throws his barbell, and Brainy can jump really high.
This game follows the tried and true blueprint for any platforming game: Go from point A to point B, gather up certain items (in this game, it’s smurfberries), beat up any enemies along the way, and make several dozen jumps over pits.
But there’s nothing really special about any of the levels. They’re not awful, but far too often it feels like the level designers just go into autopilot mode, using very little creativity in making these levels.
And the boss fights are all the same – you use the same tactic in the first boss as the last boss – furthering the feeling that this game was just slapped together just to take money from the fans of the Smurfs franchise.
And there’s one part that will turn off some player. After defeating a certain number of enemies, you go into True Blue mode. Here, every berry you collect counts as two berries. But you have to listen to the Smurfs sing their song – that can get really annoying.
Up to four players can join in as any smurf – and you can have more than one smurf character at the same time. For instance, you can have three Papa Smurs and one Brainy Smurf (How is that possible?)
But the four players can get in each other’s way, making the game tougher than it should be.
The Smurfs 2 is an average platforming game, but it needs more imaginative level design and more exciting boss fights. S

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