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Has its own unique niche, but falls short

posted by Existence (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Jul 30, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

1 out of 7 gamers (14%) found this review helpful

You may notice that most of the better reviews (9 and 10) are from users that have played the series before, and you should take that with a grain of salt. I had not played this series when they were first released, but I heard good things about it. I did play a few Jak and Daxter games, which I loved, so I thought I would enjoy this series as well.

Sly 1 is basic, simple, easy to figure out. Nothing really all that special but it's the simplicity that made it my favorite out of the collection (despite some frustrations with a couple of bosses).

Sly 2 was a complete makeover of the first. The game turned into a "small scale sandbox" game and gave you a couple of more characters to work with. I thought the massive overhaul was incredibly impressive, but unfortunately I felt it tried to do too much and ended up falling short in every aspect. Level design was probably the worst - not only levels were dimly lit, but guards and spotlights were flooded all over place. Not only that but it felt like it was an ordeal simply to get to certain areas, particularly to start a mission. Gameplay felt "trial and error"; a lot of the times they did not give you enough information about what you can do or did not give you much of a sense of direction. I found myself retrying missions simply because they threw me a curve ball (without any warning) that made me fail it and redo it all over again.

Sly 3 was an improvement on Sly 2, no major changes. Added a couple more characters and did in fact improve on the level design, which is fantastic. Trial and error gameplay was still there however.

It does get points in creativity and originality; I felt it was unique and intelligent in it's overall presentation. But basically if you don't like mini-games, don't like old generation gameplay, or don't like trial and error, you're better off passing on this series. A "9" or "10" to me says you'll have a tough time not enjoying this game, and honestly the reviews here left me disappointed.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great Look But This Game Has Issues!

posted by chimptor (SHREVEPORT, LA) May 13, 2011

Member since Apr 2010

1 out of 11 gamers (9%) found this review helpful

I have never heard of Sly and so I was surprised how much I liked the low tech animation and gameplay. On Sly Pt 1: I really was getting into it with the quirky visuals and voice acting especially Bentley and "The Murray"! Then I hit my first snag, that old bugaboo, bad design. I was totally into it until I had to use the Sub's to shoot the treasure chests from the crabs, impossible to do due to the awful controller design. It was impossible to turn the sub in the direction you wanted and the amount of chests became ridiculous!!!! I just didn't want to invest the infuriating time it would take to beat it so I bailed! To all you game designers out there, A GAME SHOULD NEVER, EVER BECOME WORK AND COULD YOU PLEASE UPDATE YOUR CHECKPOINTS? NOTHING IS MORE FRUSTRATING THAN SLOGGING THROUGH A DIFFICULT SECTION AND DYING ONLY TO RE-SPAWN AT THE BEGINNING!!!!!! KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY!!

On Sly Pt 2: I really loved this game and enjoyed the boss battles and puzzles and voice acting all the way until i had to battle the final boss, Clock-la! What were they thinking?!?!?!?!? Again, due to incredibly crummy game design, they ruined Sly 2 for me by having a boss that is impossible to defeat, if you were able to beat it, God love ya, cause I could not. When you are fighting an enemy that has a 20 to 1 advantage, I mean, what's the point. For every tick of damage I did to Clock-la, Clock-la did 20 times more damage to me. I tried and tried and tried but could not make a dent so I gave up and bailed, which really toasted my stones because I had beaten the whole game up until then, INFURIATING!!!!!!!!!

Sly Pt 3: I'm right in the beginning of this game and am concerned that it too is going to have a point where the task is sooooooo hard that I will get frustrated and bail yet again, but we will see what happens, for now I'm hanging in there.

So to sum up, great graphics, voice acting. Bad decisions on gameplay.


But, hey, it's only my humble opinion!

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GF Rating


The Sly Collection

posted by cowboygamer59 (LITTLETON, CO) Jun 9, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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the game started glitching to much i sent it back and only had it an hourbut it is still a good game just a copey is glitching

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