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3 rememberable classics stuffed in one? Nice!

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) Nov 12, 2010

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I admit, i was a big fan of Sly Cooper when the games first came out on the PS2 and i was reallly bummed they didn't make a new series for the PS3. Sony was smart enough to bring not just one, but all three games back to life! Here's my review:

Sound/Graphics: Pumped up with HD and 3D not only makes it better, but proves interesting with giving me a new way at looking into the universe of Sly Cooper.

Storyline: My jaw is still dropped when Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves ends. All three games bring that sensation to me once again, so i'm really proud of Sony, they managed to make a graphically enhanced game without sacrificing the storyline.

Gamplay: PLays exactly like the original installments, platforming is the basis of gameplay still. No difference really.

Controls: Controls are smooth and accurate. Pressing forward on the left analog pushes your character further with as much force as you are applying to the stick. Very slick.

Conclusion: I was almost in tears when the game finally arrived in my mailbox. I literally stood there, looking at the GameFly package until i realized i should be hurrying along to imerse myself into Sly Cooper's thievorous adventures.


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A Sly Keeper

posted by EJStrat (TAYLOR MILL, KY) Jan 30, 2011

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Bang for the buck, when it comes to games, is generally hit or miss. Nearly all new releases come in at the $59.99 price point yet the price never reflects the quality of the product. The opposite is true in nearly every other market. Players need to rely on reviews and demos because 60 bucks is quite an investment for most of us, and the sad truth is that there are more "bad" games than there are "good" ones. Well, the Sly Collection is a different case. Not one, but three excellent games are included in the collection, all of which could stand alone with a sixty dollar price tag, yet the bill is twenty dollars less than the competition- this is almost the epitome of bang for the buck.

The core gameplay of the titles has not been changed. This is a good thing. The Sly Cooper games were awesome when they were originally released, and to alter the way they play would be a step backwards. Instead, the graphics have been redone (with the exception of a few, very short cutscenes) and they look phenomenal. The cell-shaded character models truly shine in HD splendor. Other collections with "updated graphics" have disappointed. I'm looking at you, Prince of Persia. The Sly Collection is far from disappointing.

As far as Sony's platforming classics go, Sly Cooper is generally regarded as the black sheep of the bunch, overshadowed by Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter. Many have missed out on these games, and this is the perfect opportunity to check out the excellent games you've missed. Each one builds upon its predecessor, and the result goes something like: awesome, awesomer, and whatever comes after awesomer. Trophy hunters can rejoice too. These games offer some easy platinums to add to the collection, and that alone is a selling point for some.

The Sly Collection offers 3 servings of charming, memorable characters, witty and humorous dialogue, and enjoyable adventures. The platforming is top-notch, and the unlockable skills are awesome.

Pick this up!!

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No words can describe

posted by spudford74 (AUBURN, NY) Feb 28, 2011

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The Sly Cooper games are my absolute favorite series of games ever, played this multiple times even on ps2. The gameplay itself has not changed one bit, it is almost too perfect, the graphics are outstanding, a true masterpiece, this game fails to disappoint me in anyway.

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