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Very Good

It is what it is

posted by gsize19 (MORROW, OH) Nov 6, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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I actually bought this game, as my family enjoyed it on the computer when it first came out some years ago. Good game, it has it's fun qualities, but I have read on here about people being disappointed by not being able to access online. Trust me, don't waste the $9.99 to buy the online pass because all it is is trading clothing, furniture, etc., with others who created it when you can create the same thing.

I was hoping more for an "online" type area, similar to the PS3 Home where you can interact with others, but that isn't part of this game. It is a one player game where you control you, or your create sim, and the family, and interact with other cpu controlled sims. Am I let down? No, disappointed? A little. Would have been fun to be mischeivious to other players.

The lack of add-on content (I know it's early) is a bummer, but I really don't see much more that they can add on. Would like to be given an option (similar to Sims 2 on the CPU) where you could create clothing and what-not. As having a wife who works in fashion design, some of her creations are unreal, and she has contributed to many on Mod The Sims when she played it more, actually having created some of her creations on their, before they hit the shelves (By the way, she is a lingerie designer, not much more you can create LOL)

Worth the Rent and for Sims fans, it is worth the $60 beans...

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Above Average

The Sims 3

posted by Jdog777 (WOODRUFF, UT) Oct 29, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

39 out of 50 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

So I received this game from Gamefly and I was, all in all, excited. I had played the PC game through every Sims game and this looked like it could be just as fun as on the PC. So I started up the game and immediately it goes to all of these screens saying that you have signed into EA online and that you have to either enter a code for the Exchange or pay 10.00 for it on the Playstation Store. I suppose this is a good way to make some money off of it, but 10.00 seems a bit much for something that was free on the PC version. Anyway, on to game play. The first thing I looked for was graphics. The graphics were great actually compared to its PC counterpart, and that was a major plus. The game runs very smoothly and has minimal loading times between places, which is another major plus. One thing I was upset with though, was that they took out the whole "walk anywhere, the world is open" thing which was a major selling tool on the PC. I was also disappointed to see how "cartoony" the town map seemed. When it showed a picture as the game opened, I was thinking "That had better just be them drawing the map and not the actual one" because it seemed a bit like they just put something together. Onto Karma Powers, the thing that I was really waiting for. Karma powers add in a nice touch to the game, and make it a little more fun. There are many different Karma powers. Some of them include Raining fire, earthquakes, making someones mood hit rock bottom, and making their mood filled without having to do anything at all. Eventually it got old raining fire on the neighbor though, so i looked to see if there were any story based things i had to complete like in the Sims Bustin' Out or other console based Sims games. I was disappointed to only find the challenges tab, and some of the challenges seem like they would be for people who are only set on unlocking them, and not enjoying the game. All in all, this is just an average game. Not great, but not bad either.

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Sims 3 Ps3

posted by eunhyuk (CARY, IL) Oct 28, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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OK well the Sims 3 for PC was a great game like people play the first Sims game on PC then the other consoles and all that, but when it comes to the Ps3, 360, wii and ds it just is so difficult to figure out the controls because people have been playing on PC most of the time. when the Sims 2 first came out for the ps2 you actually control your Sims and that was very unique of the producers and creators did that, but i wish they could stick with that on the ps3 because it fun to play that way........ but thats just my opinion. it very good though because i haven't played it for about 4 to 6 years on ps2 lol. but i'll hopefully get use to the controls soon as possible because all the Sims games were a ton of fun for the Sims fans.

thats what i need to say about the games of Sims, theres pros and cons about the game we don't like. i will always play Sims though its a whole new reality of gaming.

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