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The Sims 2: Pets


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Also on:DS, Wii, PS2, GBA, GC
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Cheat Gnome

Hold The R button, then enter the following codes to enable them.

  • Left,Left,Right,XX,Up
    Cheat Gnome Statue
  • Up,Left,Down,Right,Right, x2
    999,999 Simoleans
  • Left,Down,Right,Up, x2
    Upgrade All Store's
  • Left,Right,Down,Up, x2
    Unlock All Homes Upgrade's
  • Left,Left,Right,Left,Down,Up, x2
    999,999 Pet Points
Buy Park Screen

Enter the "Buy"Park Screen From "The Info Menu" Then Hold L+R+Square A "Cheat Park" will appear Showing a Free Woo-Hoo "Icon". Buy it to get a money boost, some skill, clear your needs, and fill you sanit.

  • Hold L+R+square
    Cheat mode
  • Down,Right,Up,Left,Right,Circle,Square
    Cheat Mode
2000,000 Simlomeons

Enter the following while playing the game.

  • Hold R button then press Left, Down, Right, Up, Up
    2000,000 Simlomeons
10,000 Simoleons

Enter code

  • Hold B, press Up, Left, Down, Right.
    10,000 Simoleons
advance 6 hours

Enter code

  • Right, right, right, right, right, left
    advance 6 hours
Change skills

Enter code

  • down down down up up up
    Change skills