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The Sims 2: Pets


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Also on:DS, Wii, PSP Games, PS2, GBA
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Special food

In any refrigerator, get the following ingredients: pork, chicken, tofu, and beef. Cook them on an oven. When it comes out, the food will sparkle. Once you eat it, you will sparkle and your stats will not decrease for a short time.

Don't Pay Your Bills

All you have to do is put a fence around your house but leave a little slit so you can get in then when the mailman comes the fence will block off the front of the mailbox and he just stands behind it the whole game and you never have to pay your bills just have to have a mailman standing in your yard the whole game.

Upgraded buildings

If you have at least 50,000 pet points, go to town square and buy a lot of items from each store. The stores will upgrade until they are skyscrapers. When your inventory is full, go back home and place all the items on the lawn. REMEMBER: Items from the bakery will not be able to be placed. Then, go into Grab mode and sell all the items for money. If you keep doing this, the stores in town square will upgrade and so will the money in your pocket. When the stores are full upgraded, go to the most valuable item and keep on buying that item until your inventory is full. Then, go back home and sell all the items for more money. REMEMBER: You may need more pet points to complete this.

Easy money

Enable the "Pet points" cheat until you get up to 125,000 pet points. You buy a lot of items in Town Square from each store. You will get upgrades on the store, but when your inventory is full go back home. Place all the objects on the lawn and sell them to get money. REMEMBER: You cannot sell the items from the pet bakery.