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Not bad with all its corny-ness

posted by Drparj (MANCHESTER, NH) Feb 21, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

This game is good for what it is. It's like old meets new. Using simulated card board cut outs that pop up to shoot at during game play like old carnival style. Fun and 2 player fun together. I liked it and bought it cause its fun to play with another player. Does not take to long to beat all levels but its still fun to play.

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Standards set way too high!

posted by Animator22 (SAN JOSE, CA) Sep 4, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Mar 2009

You would think being a launch title it would be fun and entertaining and also to help get used to the move controller. But the settings are set way too high in terms of difficulty. If it weren't for these little issues I would of enjoyed this game alot more.
If your cursor is just off the enemy just by a hair you will miss even when you see the cursor directly on the enemy the game will still say you miss. The point of each mission is to rack up the highest score. You get a higher multiplier the more enemies you hit in a row but if you miss once your multiplier drops to half. I think that was a little extreme even since the game requires a huge high score to get gold. You would get to x50 then drops to x20 just for one miss. You have to be so perfect its frustarating. Some enemies move so fast I don't think most kids can even keep up, right when you have them targeted they jet across the screen in an instant.
Another thing that really got frustrating was when the enemies shoot missles. You have the option to dodge the missles or shoot them down but dodging doesn't always works. You can only go left and right to dodge but even going as far as you can you still get hit and that also takes down your multiplier.
Another person mentioned this as well and its best to use the pistol gun atachment. If you don't have one it puts alot of stress on your wrist with the angle you have to hold it.
I feel this game could of been a whole lot better is the gameplay wasn't so fast and your multiplier gets cut in half everytime you miss. You really cant get the gold or 5 stars in the Time Attack challenges unless your perfect.
You are able to obtain specials if you hit a certain amout of enemies in a row but every time you miss it resets.
I think I just got a little too fustrated which is why my review turned out this way. I didn't want it to be easy but I don't think you should be a super profectionist to get the high score. Your experience may be different!

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Not what I expected

posted by Brandon85364 (YUMA, AZ) Jul 25, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

I was waiting and waiting for this one but it really wasn't good!! I mean gameplay is cool and all but for some reason shooting fake cardboard enemies gets boring in less than 20 minutes. Even worse is I was on the last level of the Cowboy chapter, I lost so it made me start from the first level of the chapter! I do not recommend this to anyone please dont waste your precious rent on this game.

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