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Rub Rabbits: Fun to pass some time

posted by jacmaykt (NEWTON CENTER, MA) Nov 22, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

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The Rub Rabbits was a really fun and funny game. However, Some of the games were funnily easy and some of the games were so hard I wanted to smash my DS against the wall! I liked how this game had mini games that related to some sort of purpose while most mini game games do not.
Fun game but I liked Feel The Magic better.

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OK to pass the time

posted by Marioman (LAS VEGAS, NV) May 19, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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The rub rabbits is a sequel to sega's previous DS game, Feel the Magic XY/XX. Lets begin by saying that the first one is better than TRR!
First, the improvements. Their has been a multiplayer mode added to TRR! It can play six games with two players and four games with 3/4 players. They are not really fun and expect to play one round. Second, they added "Baby Making" Where you and a "special friend" Put in you date of birth, blood type and such. Then you cut open a cake and a baby is there. And to think i beleived in the stork. How silly of me!
The rest is still the same. You dress your girl, save her in the story mode, and can replay games you unlocked. It will probably take you three hours to beat the normal story mode, so do not buy this game! What is so sad is the fact that even with the improvments, i still find myself liking XY/XX more. However, the game will clock you in for an afternoon, so maybe you can rent it and send it back within two days.

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Rub Rabbits - Is It Worth It?

posted by KDawgTP (TRAVERSE CITY, MI) Apr 30, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

Rub Rabbits is a sequel of the ever-so-popular XX/XY: Feel The Magic, a game that was released early in the DS's life. Does Rub Rabbits deserve the the cult following XX/XY deserved? I will tell you yes.

Rub Rabbits leads you as a young man chasing after a girl that he "falls in love" with. As you continue through the story, you will rub, blow, and even turn your DS sideways or upside down to win the girl of your dreams and fight off obstacles that are keeping her from you.

The game is relatively short, but entertaining and it CAN be difficult at times.

- Fun story-line
- Friends and family alike will want to try the game with you.
- One of few games that can tick you off as you play it. Losing a challenge sucks.
- Takes advantage of the DS's capabilities with the touch screen and microphone.

- A short game, the story gets SLIGHTLY repetetive at certain points.
- The SECOND story mode isn't anything special.
- The modes other than Story are almost pointless, but fun to mess around with.

I won't go into much detail, because that's not what I believe you REALLY want. You want to know if your going to be entertained.

The game is not worth buying unless it gets a $20 or under price tag, but it is a great game to play in between doses of ANOTHER DS game that you need "a break" from playing when it starts to feel old or frusterating.

Plus, it's a great game to play when you're trying to kill time.

Go rent it, I don't think you'll be dissappointed AS LONG as you have another game that you are getting into. DON'T RENT THIS GAME AND ONLY HAVE THIS GAME TO KEEP YOU INTERESTED.

But, don't pass up trying this game out.

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