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The Rock


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GF Rating

25 ratings

Movie Details

A Sex Scene, Language, Strong Violence

Movie Description

From action director Michael Bay (Armageddon, Pearl Harbor) comes an explosive tale of militant terrorists. General Francis Hummel (Ed Harris) leads a renegade squad to the island prison of Alcatraz, and sets up a base there to threaten San Francisco with chemical rockets. His demands? $100 million from the government as reparations to forgotten combat veterans. Chemical weapons expert Stanley Goodspeed (Nicholas Cage) is pulled from his desk job to accompany a Navy SEAL team and neutralize Hummel and his men. As a guide, the SEALs employ the mysterious convict, John Mason (Sean Connery), a former inmate of Alcatraz. But when the SEAL team is wiped out, it's up to Goodspeed and Mason to save the city from chemical terror!

Specs & Requirements

Length 136

Theatrical Release Date 1996

Languages English

Screen Format 2.35:1