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posted by YoungD (PINE BLUFF, AR) Sep 24, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

its so cool and very fun to play

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Very Good

Im still playing this game!

posted by Fatman (HIGHLAND, CA) Sep 29, 2008

Member since Nov 2004

This game is Awesome, well, if your in to what it has to offer. This game is just blow one guys head off to throw a guy into a wood-chipper. Frank has some bad catch phrases that get old after a while, but who is a super hero without a catch phrase. Cool finishing moves, my personal favorite, it might sound sadistic but...shoving a grenade into someones mouth and watching him scramble around to his death...after a hard day at school/work its pretty satisfying. If your into over the top gore/violence, and nitty gritty dialogue, then GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!...if your questionable on any of these, then, save everyone the whining about how terrible this game is and just dont get it.

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Above Average

Punish everything!

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Nov 11, 2007

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Member since Mar 2006

The Punisher is a game very much in the spirit of the movie and comic book of the same name. Basically, you are Frank Castle aka The Punisher, and you are trying to bring down a big old crime syndicate along the streets of New York. Now, while the Punisher never seemed quite mainstream in the Marvel Universe, he finds plenty of ways to meet up with other Marvel characters, both friend and foe. Making special appearances are Iron Man, Daredevil, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Bullseye, Kingpin and more. The story is pretty much about Frank taking out the trash but you get some nice locals like Stark Tower, Ryker's Island, a funeral home and more. Now while the majority of the gameplay is basically throwing streams of bullets into your unfortunate foes, there are some even more violent moments where you can activate Manslaughter mode and start taking out scores of enemies with knives. Better yet, there are interrogations. You can interrogate anyone, but some have specific information and can be taken to special interrogation spots where you give them a gruesome glimpse at their eminent demise. The nice Punisher will let them go after they break. If you're like me, you'll send them to their grizzly death. You'll probably find some favorites, like the machinery at the meat processing plant or the power tools in the chop shop. I personally liked feeding the shark at the pier. There are also gold skull markers that let you know a special kill can take place, like throwing a random thug to a boa constrictor or impaling him on an elephant tusk. Basically, the game is a blood orgy. You get style points for your kills, which makes it sort of a super violent Tony Hawk game. While it will relieve some stress, it loses it's effect after awhile and becomes a one trick pony. It's only fun for the ten hours or so it lasts. There are other game modes and challenges to keep you busy, but you'll likely lose interest before you get to that.

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