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The Punisher

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very fun and original game

posted by sedition (DERRY, NH) Jun 4, 2006

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This has remained a land mark in ps2 history since it was released. Shure any game can easily recreate its shooting... but the punishing is what keeps it alive and thriving. with things like drill's, tree chippers, fernices and tons more this game is worth every cent you pay for it. The shooting isn't great but the ai's aim isn't that good either so it sort of goes un-noticed. all in all this game has a excellent story line above average game play and superb creativity. its one of the top 20 games I ever played.

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Very Good

Outstanding Comic Adaptation

posted by Chucky (LOS ANGELES, CA) Apr 20, 2006

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This was a very pleasant surprise. While the game play breaks little new ground it compares favorably to others in the genre. Where it does excel tho is in its faithfulness to the present day Punisher comic. Getting current Punisher scribe Garth Ennis to plot this helps it a lot also it's nice to see some cameos from the other denizens of the Marvel Universe.

One of the better comic to game adaptations out there.

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Its fun to torture ppl but the game is kinda hard.

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Jun 4, 2006

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GAMPLAY: The GP in Punisher is very fun and brutal. Torturing the ppl to get them to tell u things is very fun and sick! U can do all sorts of things from holding them out a window to dipping them in acid! There are tons of different things to do and its cool becuz it lets u make use of the environment. Like.. u can choose to do one thing but not the other. Other than the torturing part, teh rest of the game is your average 3rd person shooter. One thing u will start to notice about the game is that is pretty hard. Especially once u get closer to the end of the game. But other than that the game is really fun and REALLY brutal!
STORY: The Punisher is told by him and some other guy talking while he's in jail. You play what led up to him coming to jail and then theres a BIG twist and you escape from jail and its pretty cool how it works out. I wasnt expecting teh story of a PUNISHER game to be so good but it definitely was!
GRAPHICS & DESIGN: The graphics in Punisher are pretty good. The environments all look very good and detailed, as do the enemies. The design of the game was pretty good too. The levels are all really cool and big and u can explore them all. Youll go from ships to drug houses to jungles and more!
OVERALL: A very good game. Id consider buying it AFTER u rent it becuz the difficulty is kinda hard and u may get mad if u think u wasted your money.

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