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The Price is Right Decades

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Yet another bad game show game from Ludia

posted by steve470 (OIL CITY, PA) Oct 24, 2011

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A previous review said that this game is "only for the hardcore fans". However, as a member of that group, I think I can comfortably say that we're not its market, either.

Single-player mode (the only one I tried) goes as follows: Your lovely assistant (an ordinary female Mii) picks a videocassette out of a box and puts it in a VCR. This launches the game, which tells you a year, calls you on down, and shows you an item up for bids. Once you win one (you have multiple opportunities, and you always bid last), you play a pricing game. Win or lose, you go to the Showcase Showdown, where you're told what score you need to beat, then take your one or two spins (with a bonus spin, if appropriate). If you win there, you go to the Showcase, where you play against a computer opponent. Win or lose, you're shown how much you won, and that tape goes into your file, where you can play that show (or just its pricing game) whenever you wish. Repeat a bunch of times.

I was disappointed in the following:

- The "Decades" referred to in the game's title are only the last four. The show's successful '50s/'60s version is ignored.

- Messed-up games. In Decades's game of Hurdles, your runner has an item, then you're shown three other items, and have to determine whether each is higher or lower in price than yours. (But that's not how Hurdles was played; it used three pairs of items.) Hole in One uses only four products, not six (and gives you a second putt if you miss, even though the given year was before that rule was instated). And that's just from the ten or so games I played before giving up.

- Drudgery. You can't skip the show's opening, no matter how many times you've sat through it already.

- No Barker, Carey, Olson, Roddy, or Fields. Just a generic announcer and the one Mii model.

- [Many others edited due to length limit.]

If you like the show, there's a tiny bit of enjoyment to be had here, but it gets repetitive very quickly. Skip it - there are better

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Don't waste your time!!

posted by juice45000 (BERWICK, LA) Jan 19, 2012

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I love The Price is Right. I love gameshow video games. I thought I would love this. No it is horrible. It seems to be more like a demo. You are in contestant's row once. Play one pricing game. Then spin the wheel and go to the showcase. That is it. You don't play a whole game.

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Once again, the Price is Wrong

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 21, 2011

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It’s one of the most known shows for a long time – and it’s easier that Jeopardy and just as easy as Wheel of Fortune.
This makes The Price is Right a perfect game to turn into a console game. But after playing this game for an hour, it seems the people who made this version just phoned it in.
In Single Player Mode, you have to unlock all the games featured in the show by going through episodes, getting past Contestant’s Row and playing said games.
Then, you play the Showcase Showdown and if you win that, you go on to the Showcase.
But once again this game leaves out one important thing: the host. There’s no Drew Carry or Bob Barker leading the player though each part of the episode. The omission really makes the game boring.
Even the Showcases are no fun to watch; all they consist of is several prizes being described by the announcer.
Once you’re done with Single Player Mode, you can play Multi Player Mode where up to four players play the same pricing game, spin the same wheel and bid on the same Showcase. Whoever gets the most money in cash and prizes wins.
The Price is Right Decades could’ve been a really fun companion to the TV show, but the bland presentation and short playing time make this game one only for the hardcore fans. SKIP IT

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