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Ahhh... A New Zelda Has Arrived...

posted by johnson25 (SCOTTSDALE, AZ) Jan 27, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

Zelda and the spirit tracks is the 2nd released Zelda for the DS, although it was a great game, I personally thought it lacked originality, as it was pretty much Phantom Hourglass, except instead of a boat you control, it's a train with even less mobility.

Now that doesn't mean the game is bad, I still enjoyed myself playing this game, but only two things pulled me away from it... which was climbing the tower to collect the map peices. In this miserable part of the game you must sneak past phantoms (who will strike you and make you start at the beggining), with certain areas being "safe zones" where they can't see you, while also solving puzzles along the way. An addition to that you then have to control zelda who possesses one of them, who you then have to control yourself too, what a pain! I would have probably given this game a 8 or 9 if it wasn't for this stupid part, which is exactly the same as Phantom Hourglass except they took away that misserable time limit (thank god!). The other thing is the annoying ghotst trains (or what ever they're called) that just blow up your train if you just touch them... Meh!

The dungeons were the key part of this game, as with all zelda games. Although I thought they were a little to easy, with the hardest one only taking me about 10 minutes to figure out. But if you don't like a really hard puzzle then you will be happy with how it is set up. But beside that they were still well set up with fun new items, and some sweet bosses!

As for the controls I thought they were set up about as good as they could be on the DS, but i just wish you could somehow have more mobility with the train.

This game is a must rent for zelda fans, but if you are contimplating on having this be your first one, try out twilight princess first, or Ocarina of time. Hopefully on their next zelda ds release they will take away the stupid phantom parts..

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Very Good

Zelda? In my pocket? Again?! Sure why not...

posted by EmoChips (COLLEGE STATION, TX) Dec 14, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

25 out of 30 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Let's get to the basics:

The good:
1. Art style- I guess that I'm one of the few that fell in love with the art style of WW and PH the second it came out, and this game does not dissapoint.

2. Fixed " controller"- The developers took their time to listen to the fans about their complaints of the all-touchscreen zelda title. Rolling on the floor was changed from having to do small circles on the screen [a huge pain] to double tapping the screen. Trust me, it does a HUGE difference.

3. Story- I'm a sucker for all the LoZ stories and this one was no different. Well except for one itsy bitsy change... Zelda actually accompanies you throughout the game, which is my next point.

4. Zelda- I'm not a huge fan of "strong, independent" women on video games since it usually leads to the main hero barely being needed. But I did enjoy having Zelda as my "fairy" of sorts to accompany me. It was nice to see a side of her besides the whole "I'm a princess, oh please save me!" And no, pirate zelda was not appealing at all in my opinion.

5. The gameplay- I enjoyed the gadgets and the temples. Some were more challenging than others in any of the previous Zelda games, and I even found myself searching through the internet for help in a couple of them. And the spirit flute is awesome if a little bit annoying to use [since the microphone will recognize even the most minimal wind as you blowing into it]. The game length was also ok for a DS game. It took me anywhere from 10 to 12 hours [with exploration].

The bad:
1.A.I.- You'll need the help of Zelda in Phantom form [like in the cover of the game] in the Spirit Tower. Once in a while she'll do something you don't want her to [like fall or attack an enemy that you want alive] so just try and keep her away.

2. The romance- Zelda is still a tease to poor, poor Link.

The meh:
1. Zoras- They are still missing from these recent games.

Conclusion: It's a really fun game, but definitely a rent in my opinion.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Fun for what it is, but gets old too soon

posted by adpace (MIDLOTHIAN, TX) Dec 13, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I haven't played a Zelda game since the very first one on the original NES, so it's difficult to comment on how this game may be in comparison to others. But I have to say it was enjoyable. It was nice to be able to "unlock" and explore new areas. If you like collections, there is plenty of that to do as well as you collect items to upgrade your train.

The story line is very simple, and there's not much to it, but I enjoyed it overall. However, there are several things that annoyed me:

1. The game is pretty much entirely on the touchscreen. This makes it seem kind of gimmicky to me. I didn't really appreciate having to wear out my touchscreen soley for the purpose of playing this game when it's not really necessary and really is much less accurate than using the D-Pad. It would have made a huge difference if they had at least included an option to use the D-pad.

2. You get a flute to play during the game and it's necessary to be able to use it to complete the game. It's very finicky, though, and there were some parts that I had a really difficult time completing because of this. This was simply poor design as it was hit or miss as to whether it would work.

3. It just gets old driving the train around after a while - especially if you complete all the side missions. I finally gave up and didn't complete the entire game because I just got bored to death of driving around. It's OK for a while, but I wish there would have been less of a focus on that part.

Overall, enjoyable enough that it's definitely worth renting, but I can't say I would buy it.

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