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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks


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Very Good

It's okay

posted by Aronsky (SAN MARCOS, CA) Jan 18, 2011

Member since Aug 2008

I haven't finished the game yet but I decided to do a quick review since I'm not sure if I'll bother finishing. It's a fun game but after a while it starts to get kind of boring. The train is unbearably boring and slow and if feels like half the game is taking this boring train from point A to point B. The cannon and enemies during the train rides provide a little entertainment at first but eventually they just get annoying. Other than the train part, this game it's pretty fun. However, when I think of all the other games on my list I could be playing while making my 99th train trip I suddenly lose the will to continue on.

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Above Average

Okay game

posted by PM12345 (BAYONNE, NJ) Jul 28, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

This game is fun... if there are no other good games out there,here is a chart to show this game.

pros,good weapons
and puzzles
and storyline

cons,lack of traveling
freedom and
too short

summary,they kept some of the zelda mechanics others they took like traveling to secret islands and its a little less fun traveling so i give this game a 6 and i hope in the next zelda game they put back some of the mechanics they took out.

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Spectacular Zelda! :) ....Just a few things wrong.

posted by BULLY123 (PRATTVILLE, AL) Jun 3, 2010

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Member since Jul 2008

...Completely epic! I LOVE Spirit Tracks! It's amazing, and we even see a few Link/Zelda hints if you know what I mean! ;)
I'm a fan of the Zelda series. I truly like it. And...I was certain that non of the other games in the series could outshine Twilight Princess. It doesn't actually outshine it, but it comes close!
Here's the breakdown...
Graphics: I'd say...a 9.0! They're pretty good for a DS game. But still, I noticed a few fuzzy scenes.
Gameplay: Pretty much a...9.4! It's good gameplay. But it can be exhausting at times having to move the sylus repetedly. And the train parts are good but they need more work. Zelda wasn't a big help like I expected.
Plot: Easily a good 9.0! It's good but it needs more work. I just think it's stupid how nobody realized (spoiler alert) that Chancelor Cole was evil at first! (End spoiler.) It was obvious, because he was WAY too nice! And he acted completely suspicious! I guessed he was evil at first sight!
Music: Heehee...9.8! It's good Zelda music. But what lowered it's score was the horrid sound of the train parts.
Side Quests: A okay 8.9...there's not really much of side quests like the other Zeldas.
Dungeons: Solid 9.7! They're good but they don't offer a real challenge. And just when you think your getting somewhere good, the dungeon is over.
Fighting enemies: 8.6...nothing special. But some bosses are hard.
Character Developement: Mainly a 6.9! Link is impressive. Zelda is annoying though. And she pretty much drags Link around for her selfish reasons. Zelda is SO selfish dragging Link along just to get her body! SO WHAT if she's the princess? Nobody would give a darn if she died! She'd only be reincarnated anyway! The main boss is WATERED DOWN!
Anyway, in a nutshell: Spirit Tracks is great. But it lacks the 'magic feeling' of past titles. It deserves praise, but it shouldn't be treated like the greatest thing on earth! So let's just give it a deserving 9. Actually, it needs a 9.8! ;)

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