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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


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Gameplay Controls

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
All Link's actions can be performed by tapping or sliding your Stylus on the Touch Screen.
Control Pad
Left = Display Menu. Right = Display Collection Screen. Down = Display Map.
A Button
Display Collection Screen
B Button
Display Map
Y Button
Display Menu
L Button
Hold Item
R Button
Hold Item
Pause Menu. Skip Cinematic Scene.
Walk. Run.
Move stylus across screen close to Link to make him walk. Move Stylus farther away to make him run.
Run over small gaps to make link jump automatically.
Roll. Shake Tree.
While running, repeatedly draw small circles to make Link roll. Roll into a tree to shake it.
Talk. Check.
Talk to people or read signs by tapping them. Tap to check suspicous items.
Pick Up. Throw.
Tap rocks, pots, and barrels to pick them up. Tap place on ground where you want the item to land to throw them.
Targeted Sword Attack
Tap enemy to swing sword in enemy's direction.
Slash Sword Attack
Slide Stylus where you want to swing your sword. Slide forward to stab sword. Slide perpendicular to swing sword.
Spin Sword Attack. Cut Grass.
Slide Stylus in large circle around Link.
Grab. Push/Pull.
Tap blocks and levers to grab them. Then tap the on-screen arrows to move them in that direction.
Equip. Hold. Put Away.
Tap item from menu to equip. Tap icon in upper right corner to equip. Tap icon again to put item away.
Throw Boomerang
Use boomerang to attack enemies, break pots, flip switches and pick up small items by drawing the path you want it to travel. If you are holding the boomerang, you can also tap an enemy to immediately throw the boomerang at it.
Throw Bomb
Use bomb to blow up enemies and break cracked walls. Tap place on ground where you want the bomb to land to throw it.
Draw Ship Route
Use Stylus to move feather pen on sea chart. If you are satisfied with your route, tap Go.