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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


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sail the sea's one last time!

posted by jameshall4 (LAKE CITY, FL) Oct 13, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

OK im going to break this review down into 4 categories. Graphics, sound, gameplay, and controls.

1. Graphics- this game has absolutly stunning graphics for a ds game. the visuals are brilliant, there is so much detail, and the sad thing is most people won't even notice.

2. Sound- the sound design once again is above par to most ds titles, The sound effects match every movement link makes and all his actions, the music is much better than expected, and the overal sound is just top notch.

3. Gameplay- The gameplay is very refreshing, zelda fans who are just starting to see a repeating formula will find something new here. The puzzles are good, however i felt some of the dungeons somewhat enderwhelming.

4. Controls- The controls, are amazing, the stylus control works great, i admit i was a skeptic but i was proven wrong. You can attack three different ways.
A. tap the enemy and link will automatically attack it.
B. draw a line nere the enemy and link will slash.
C. draw a circle repeatedly to make link perform the spin attack.

Overal this game is just to great to rent. You may even want to play it a couple times through to collect all the hidden treasures. The story was great and it was quite lengthy. This game is a definete buy for zelda fans and people just wanting to try something new.

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best ds game ever!!!

posted by ssbfan (SAINT CLAIR, MO) Oct 13, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

If you haven't played this game you don't know what your missing.

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#1 Sequel!

posted by PhantomDog (LAS VEGAS, NV) Oct 12, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

This is by far, THE best Zelda sequel Nintendo has ever made!

The fact that this this is the sequel to a best-selling video game, "The Wind Waker", attracted decent attention, but when Japan turned on that DS, things really started to heat up!

This memorable game uses ALL of the DS' features, the touch screen, that's how one attacks, walks/runs, etc., the mic, the buttons, and the controll pad!

The thrill of exploring is what makes this game "Zelda" material, and with this game being an adventure game, I don't see how it could get any better! Temples and and bosses are classic in the Zelda games, but this one twists things up, you fight with the touch screen (sword, roll attacks, etc.)!

This game has beautiful graphics and a more-than-decent storyline (AWESOME!).

Multiplayer is pretty great... when you play as Link, don't get mewrong, the Phantoms are awesome, too, but just not as fun as playing as Link because they go in the path you draw for them (and the stylus touch screen can get kinda' annoying because it's a little unaccurate... but it's still great!!)


Graphics: 9.5
Gameplay: 10
Storyline: 9.5
Multiplayer: 9


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