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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

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Best handheld of the year, hand down!

posted by Selic114 (ORLANDO, FL) Oct 17, 2007

Member since Dec 2004

First things first, everyone has been awaiting this game, and has been getting lots of hype, and let me tell you, it's lived up to everything. this game in my opinion was just amazing.

Rumors of a ghost ship causing trouble in the sea leads tetra and link to hunt it down, they find it, tetra disappears on the ship, and link gets stranded on an island trying save her, the story picks up from here leading you on an adventure of trying to track down the ghost ship and save you dear tetra.

The controls for this game, i cannot tell you just how perfect they worked out, almost everything is done with the touch screen, from drawing the flight path of your boomerang, sword swipes, moving, to controlling yours ships camera and cannons. Every ounce of this game worked together perfectly.

The story, was great, and like the other zelda game in this storyline (Wind Waker) it had it's decent share of humor, action, and everything else you could want from the game, and it peiced everything together nicely.

to me, this game deserves a 10.

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Very Good

hour glass

posted by strangeroo (WHITTIER, CA) Oct 16, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

great game like every other zelda game just a tad bit short took me less then a week to beat it controls are also good but sometimes kinda sloopy even with that the controls are pretty solid

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Awesome but short

posted by Yakboy (LAS VEGAS, NV) Oct 15, 2007

Member since Feb 2006

This game is extremely cool! Nice continuation of Windwaker (and so far the only really good sequal to a Link v Gannon LoZ). It uses all of the functions of the DS (yes, the mic is used and used well).

Only drawback...kinda short. Now I know it's a DS game. I know it all has to fit on the card. It still felt really short. Some of the the unique puzzles were fun, but short-lived. You really got to use some of the tools a few times, then they lost their usefulness (or got them so late in the game that they hardly felt useful).

Is it still worth buying? Absolutely! The online funcionality adds a lot, but I'd just have liked to have a longer game.

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