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Zelda for toddlers

posted by dskerman (MADISON, WI) Dec 2, 2007

Member since Sep 2005

9 out of 22 gamers (41%) found this review helpful

After reading reviews for this game on line I was pretty excited about receiving Phantom Hourglass in the mail.

However that excitement turned to disappointment relatively quickly.

The new control scheme, which uses the stylus for almost all interactions works very well. However, this newfound ease of control quickly serves to illuminate how trivial the combat becomes when one isn't forced to struggle against the controls.

This lack of difficulty also extends into the games dungeons. The solution to every puzzle is spelled out for the player to an absurd degree. I didn't go in expecting a mensa quiz, but I sure thought it would be aimed at players who have graduated kindergarten.

If that wasn't enough to steer you away from this game, there's one more thing which wound up being a deal breaker for me. After each of the dungeons you must return to a main dungeon in order to progress. Each time you return the skills you have gained allow you to reach lower levels of the dungeon. However, each time you return you must play through all of the levels you have already completed in order to get to the new areas. While the game does provide some minor shortcuts once you attain certain items, it still seems incredibly punishing and slow. In fact it basically just serves to extend the length of an otherwise short game.

In summary, I cannot recommend this game to anyone who values their free time. It really doesn't add anything of value to the zelda formula, and many areas of the game are needlessly tiring and repetitive.

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better than nothing

posted by ultralog (EASTSOUND, WA) Oct 27, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

I only rented this because my son loved windwaker so much on the game cube. I ended up playing most of this one, cause you had to keep going to this stupid temple and getting through it on a time limit, and that just got plain old. Otherwise, it was just like windwaker, and I thought the controls worked well, especially the boomerang. Anyway, Quinn is into that diamond and pearl now, so I'm not even gonna bother beating it. Not a bad game, though, if you like Zelda and have more patience than I do.

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Touch Screen Madness ruins yet another game

posted by HotWax (IDAHO FALLS, ID) Nov 16, 2007

Member since Oct 2004

4 out of 13 gamers (31%) found this review helpful

Like most Zelda games, Phantom Hourglass features a rich world filled with brilliant story-telling and good character development. The cast of characters this time around are charming (even Linebeck after awhile) and memorable, and there's no question that, as far as storyline goes, this game earns its place among its peers as another great classic... Or it would, if it weren't for those darned touch screen controls!

Having to control literally EVERYTHING Link does by touching the screen might sound like an interesting novelty at first. Trust me, before long you'll be cursing Nintendo for allowing this terrible control scheme to muck up an otherwise great game. The basic controls are simple -- touch where you want Link to go, tap an enemy to have Link perform a leap attack, touch villagers to interact with them, and so on. The trouble comes when you start picking up more exotic abilities. For example, you must slash clumsily across the screen in the general direction of your enemies in order to do a sword-swipe, you draw a large circle to do a spin attack, and you must (supposedly) make small circles "at the edge of the screen" to cause Link to roll. The last move in particular is one that'll have you gritting your teeth in anger -- the only times I ever managed to do it were on accident. It's not all bad, of course. Items like the boomerang and bombchu that allow you to draw a path on the screen work great. On the other hand, items such as the bow and arrow or the hookshot are often harder to control than they should be.

This title could be a hundred times better if Nintendo threw out 95% of the touch controls and used the touch screen only for the cool features -- drawing on the map, plotting a course, etc. As it is I can only in good conscience rate this game as "Fair". Sorry, Nintendo, but after nearly 3 years since the launch of the DS, you should have known better than to ruin yet another potentially great title by making it touch-screen only.

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